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Four Signs That You Have Been To Heaven


The philosophy that advocates that humans are sent either to heaven or hell after death is very old yet popular. But how do we know where we were sent in the previous birth? How do we know that we came to live this another life, from heaven or hell? Well, there is an answer for this in Chanakya Niti. Chanakya had told about four qualities in a person that tell he came from heaven. Given below are the qualities. The Shloka below explains it well:

Swargavasi Jan Ke Sada, Char Chihna Lekhi Yehi
Dev Vipr Puja Madhur, Vakya Dan Kari Dehi


Who Donates For The Public Welfare

Those with the kinder heart can feel the pain of others. They cannot bear to see people suffering. This is reflected well in those who make donations to the poor, the weaker and needy. Not everybody can share the fruits of their hard work with the unknown. People who understand the significance of donations to the needy are believed to have come from heaven.


The Sweet And Humble

Some people always remain calm and composed. They are never much affected by the ups and downs. Lord Krishna had also said that one should neither be too happy nor too sad. Such inner calm is reflected in the way one talks. Such people are soft and sweet in their behaviour. It is said that these people might have been to heaven in their previous life.


The One Inclined Towards Spirituality

It is believed that while offering Puja to any devotee, one must offer prayers to one's family deity. The one who believes in spirituality and has a religious bent of mind has come from heaven to relive a life like humans, says Chanakya.


Who Offers Food To The Hungry

Survival of the fittest is the philosophy that life on earth revolves around. But, the one who offers food to the hungry, be it birds, animals or humans, and thus helps souls survive on this planet, has come from the heaven above. While the selfish are busy filling their own greedy stomachs, there are some who can feel more the pain of others. Chanakya says, such people actually come from heaven.

Story first published: Friday, February 15, 2019, 14:00 [IST]