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Who Is Shiva- As Explained By Sadhguru


Sadhguru has been enlightening us on various spiritual ways of going through the thick and thin of life. Followers seek answers for very deep and dichotomic questions from him. Here we have brought you some information on what Sadhguru thinks about Shiva and why is he so significant.

Who Is Shiva?

A person appeared in the region of Himalayas thousands of years ago. A being, whom many tried to awaken, paid no heed to any kind of distractions while he was deeply engrossed in meditation. Day in and day out, he was seen doing nothing but meditation. The biggest mystery about the man was that he showed no signs of life except the occasional tears that rolled down his eyes.

Among the men who wanted to know about him, there were seven sages too, who are today believed to be of celestial origin. These sages were so determined that they did not leave the place until Shiva had opened his eyes. And when Lord Shiva opened his eyes after many years, he was very pleased with those sages and agreed to answer one of their questions. The sages were by now sure that there was something supernatural about the man; probably he had some divine vision through which he could see and feel the pain of the people around.

Sages Requested Shiva To Impart The Divine Knowledge

The sages requested Shiva to impart the knowledge of that divine vision so that even they could sense the miseries and help them out. Shiva, therefore, gave them the secret, which today forms the seven basic forms of yoga. Yoga is a Hindi word which means union. People often misunderstand it as merely the twists and turns of the body. But yoga actually is the divine state of being which Shiva gave to the world and which continues to flourish until today. Yoga is more about giving a positive and divine energy to the body, just to make it realize its true nature. The seven sages to whom Shiva had first imparted that capability is known as Saptarishis. And Shiva thus came to be known as Adiyogi- the first yogi.

Shiva Put A Desire To Go Beyond The Limits

Sadhguru says Shiva put a desire in the hearts of the sages, to learn more than what is physical and what can be perceived by the five senses. He put the idea of going beyond what are the general limitations of the existence of human beings. He then gave the science through which these limits could be surpassed. Thus, this science, named as yoga, is a spiritual science which India owns as a blessing from Shiva. Sadhguru says that this science has its roots deep into spirituality and takes the man towards salvation. Thus beyond those twists and turns of the body, there exists a spiritual understanding of yoga.

And salvation, as Sadhguru says, is what is described in all religions as the ultimate goal of life. And those who understand the real significance and aim of yoga know that there has never been a more revolutionary idea than the one Shiva gave, and which has gained popularity across the globe today.

Thus, Sadhguru concludes that Shiva was the one who imparted the spiritual science of living a life different than that of an ordinary human being through the right knowledge of Yoga, which leads a man to salvation.

Story first published: Monday, July 30, 2018, 13:08 [IST]
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