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Chanakya Niti - These Six Relatives Will Never Leave You Alone


Chanakya says that there are six true relatives of a man, who will never leave him, come what may. While all others might leave him in the times of hardships, these six are the most true relatives who will never leave him, wherever he may go. Man should accept them as his relatives. These are as mentioned below.

Truth As The Mother

It is truly said that truth stands for itself. Once it comes out, you can not change it, if changed, it no more remains the truth. A man who speaks the truth, has to worry the least, has to remember the least. While a small lie needs a thousand more of them to support it, a truth needs nothing. It just demands that you trust it, but if you don't, it still will rise and shine the same way when all those supporting lies fall down.

Here, the truth does not associate with what we speak alone. In fact, it has to come from within. These days, most of the people are lying to their own selves. They believe in one thing but support the other. They want something but choose altogether a much different thing.

And it has become the way of life, either because of peer pressure, parental pressure or the pressure of social image. The one who supports the truth, ultimately becomes victorious. And thus even after facing the hardest circumstances, truth alone proves to be a man's best relative.

Just as the mother is always there for her child, reaffirming him that she is there, every time she is there, the truth too is there whenever he turns back fearing from the world. Therefore, Chanakya says truth is like one's mother.

Knowledge As The Father

A man of knowledge is respected everywhere. He who has knowledge alone by his side is much better than the one who has tens of relatives besides him. Knowledge helps him understand better and therefore leads to better decisions, which further leads him to live a happy life.

Thus, knowledge proves to be the other true relative of man, supporting him everywhere. Just as a father guides his child through all walks of life, knowledge guides him the same way. Just as the father protects him during unfavourable circumstances, knowledge too helps him at the times of problem. Hence, Chanakya acknowledges knowledge to be his father.

Righteousness As The Brother

Chanakya says that righteousness is like a brother. A brother stands by your side, in all walks of life. Similarly, when righteousness should be your brother, which means that you should practice it in all the dealings of life. This righteousness will stay with him forever. It is believed that Dharma or the righteousness goes with the man throughout his life up to death as well. Hence, righteousness serves as the best brother. A brother prevents you from doing wrong, similarly righteousness protects you from taking the wrong paths of life.

Kindness As The Friend

Kindness should be your friend, says Chanakya. When kindness is your friend, everybody becomes your friend. Kindness attracts people. On the contrary, if a man is unkind, people repel him, thus unkindness becomes his enemy. Therefore, the best friend is kindness, which can win you the favour of all.

Peace As The Wife

Man should first accept peace as his wife. Just as the wife stands by his side, in all spheres of life, the same should be the case with peace.

Forgiveness As The Son

One must see forgiveness as your son. Something that you can not go away from; it is your own part; ultimately you have to forgive yourself for this. Learn to forgive people. When we accept forgiveness as our part, we realize that it is okay to forgive sometimes. Moreover, just as parents forgive every mistake of their son, we should too forgive people for their mistakes.

''Satya Mata Pita Gyanam, Dharmo Bhrata Daya Sakha,

Shantih Patni, Kshama Putrah, Shadete Mam Bandhava!''

Translation: Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, righteousness my brother, kindness is my friend, peace is my wife, forgiveness is my son. These six are my relatives. - Chanakya

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