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Important Things We Need To Know About Karma


The literal meaning of the word Karma is action. Instead of using the laws of Karma to feel constrained, it is important to have a better understanding of the true meaning of the word so that you can make your life better.

It is only through the true knowledge of the purpose of life can we be liberated. A deeper look at certain aspects of the human life helps us understand that good actions bring us positive results whereas negative actions tend to bear negative results.

With every thought, word and deed, you are creating a certain quality of energy. The quality of energy that one creates with his actions determines the quality of energy he gets in return.

It is very difficult to escape the effects or the consequences of any action and that is why our elders urge us to act in the right manner. Here are some important things we need to know about Karma. Take a look.


1. What We Give To Others Is What We Get In Return Through Karma

What you give is what you get back in this world. If you give love, you will get the same back and if you spread hatred, you might get it back. So, it is better to spread love, happiness and positive energy to get back the same. Since it is the energy which we give, this energy is sure to come back to us some day.


2. Real Change Happens From Within

If you wish to change anything in the external world, you must change yourself from inside. Feeling uncomfortable due to somebody's rude behaviour towards you and then wanting that the person to feel the same is not sensible. Since emotions travel as energies, this energy reaches the targeted person and he sends back similar waves of feelings subconsciously. Hence, if you wish to change the world, you must first change yourself. The real change starts from within.


3. How To Keep Your Inner Self Clean

Your internal state influences your surroundings and your surroundings influence your internal state. That is why it is better to choose your surroundings carefully. Also, it is better to choose your thoughts, words and deeds carefully in order to keep your internal state clean and calm.


4. Why Choose Actions Wisely

Your past deeds, thoughts and behaviour may influence your present. Therefore, choose every action carefully. As said that we create certain energies which are transmitted to the targeted person and then returned to us, there is no fixed duration these energies take to travel the distance back. Some positive results and energies might be the result of actions performed by us, long ago when we might be living some other life. Hence, when we might get paid back for our actions is not sure; we should choose our actions wisely.


5. The World Is A Karma Bhumi

There is nothing like a free lunch in this world and one must work hard to attain anything in this world. As said that the world is a Karma Kshetra or Karma Bhumi, it means Karma rules. Since Karma comprises all actions, words and thoughts, it is only through one's own efforts and work that one can sustain and make a living for oneself.

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