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Gauli Shastra And How It Affects Our Life

By Subodini Menon

In Indian mythology, animals have always held a position of great regard. But the most unlikely of them is the humble house lizard.

The house lizard is one of the most hated among the creepy-crawlies. Your first reaction when you spot one is probably that of disgust and you would naturally try to drive it out. But did you know that ancient Indian mythology has a whole stream of study dedicated to it called the Gauli Shastra?

Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home

The lizard is thought to represent Ketu. Ketu is the body of the asura Swarabhanu, who's head was cut off by Lord Maha Vishnu. Everything, from the lizard's chirping to the part of our body it falls upon, is thought to have a specific significance and is supposed to mean something.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is incomplete if you do not spot a house lizard. Spotting a lizard on Diwali predicts wealth and prosperity for the family.

Decoding The Lizard's Fall

If a lizard falls on a person's head, he'd better brace himself for some bad times ahead as the omen often brings rebellion from others, disturbed peace of mind or a death in the family. But if the lizard lands on the knot of his hair instead of the head, it is supposed to bring a gain of some sort.

If the lizard drops down on one's face, a relative may come knocking soon. If it falls on the eye-brows, you may receive a favour from the royalty but if it falls on the chin or eyes, you may be punished for something. A fall on the upper lip translates to loss of wealth and the lower lip means gain of wealth.

You may fall sick if the lizard falls on your nose and on the right ear, it would mean you would lead a long and healthy life. If it falls on your mouth, it means that there is something you need to be afraid of. But if the lizard falls on the neck, rest assured, your enemies shall be destroyed.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Shani Mahadasha

If a house lizard falls on your left arm, you have sexual joys on charts and if on the right arm your health may be adversely affected. If it falls on your right wrist, look forward to some kind of trouble.

If the navel is where the lizard falls, you stand to gain precious stones and gems. On the other hand, if it falls on your thighs, you may cause your parents unhappiness. A fall on knees, ankles and buttocks brings general good.

A lizard falling on your feet predicts a travel in the future. If it falls on the genitals, it foretells hard times and poverty.

      The above list is only a gist as there are more than 65 parts on the body where a lizard's fall can mean something and the meaning can change with gender of the person.

      A lizard's chirp can be deciphered this way too. You will have to consider the direction from where you hear the sound, the time of the day and the day of the week to properly understand the meaning.

      What to do if gauli shastra foretells bad news:

      According to the text, the ill effects of a lizard's fall can be remedied by taking a bath immediately and visiting a temple. Alternatively, you could light a lamp in your pooja room and chant the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, consume panchagavya, practice donation of gold, earthen lamps or til (sesame) seeds.

      Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kanchipuram houses a golden lizard and a silver lizard with the images of sun and the moon respectively. It is believed that touching the lizards dissolves the bad effects and doshas any past of future lizard falls.

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