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Powerful Ways To Accumulate Good Karma


Before we go into anything, let us address the most basic question - what is "Karma"? Karma can be seen as a law - a law that governs our thoughts, words and actions. What we do, we get. Karma is the most profound spiritual concept that we humans know of.

Karma thus comes from the the Sanskrti word - Kar, which means to do. Hence, all that we do, is what comes under Karma. Now Karma is further divided into various forms and parts on various accounts. For example, according to Buddhism, there are eight forms of right Karma; and thus going against these rules would be a wrong Karma; hence, the eight basic forms of Karma.

According to Hindu concepts, Karma is divided into three primary types based on time. These are Snachitta, Prarabda and Agami.

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Sanchitta is the Karma that has accumulated over the years, but has not manifested into fruits. It refers to that Karma the results for which have not been received by the one who had performed this Karma. Thus, in simple words, an action done in the past for which you have not been rewarded is the Sanchitta Karma.


This Karma is the one that you are performing now. It is free from your past Karma and is largely based on your knowledge and intentions in the present time.


Agami is a Sanskrit word which means - which is yet to come. Hence, the Karma that you have not performed yet but will perform in future is termed as Agami Karma.

Thus, it indicates that these three forms of Karma are basically the three forms of Karma pertaining to the actions of the past, present and future. Be it past, present or the future, all we want is that the Karma we do should be good. It is primarily because of the prevailing belief that Karma pays you back. Most of us commit mistakes, though unknowingly, which might be termed as bad Karma.

Hence, we seek ways to make the Karma better or increase our awareness about the good Karma. Every one of us humans will face the effects of the things we do, for the law of cause and effect is impregnable. In this article, we look at ways by which we can accumulate good Karma.

Here are 6 powerful ways to accumulate good Karma. Following these few important points will definitely enable us to attract good luck in our lives and bring in tremendous good fortune.


The Three Rs

The first thing you should be doing to accumulate good Karma is following the three Rs. They include - respect for others, respect for oneself and responsibility for your actions. Following the three Rs is the first step towards accumulating good Karma.

Since bad Karma comes mostly when we hurt innocent people's sentiments, respecting them will ensure that only the good Karma flows into our accounts.

The one who has a true respect for oneself would never like to do anything that undermines his own dignity. Hurting an old person might decrease your respect in your own eyes. Hence, respect your own self first in order to stop yourself from accumulating bad karma. Then, you would not do what seems derogatory in your own eyes.

The above two lead us to take responsibility of our actions. Blaming oneself is difficult for every person. When we take the responsibility of our actions, we avoid cases where we might have to blame ourselves. Hence, we play fair.

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Take Immediate Steps To Correct Mistakes

All of us make mistakes. It is, however, important to correct mistakes. We might have hurt somebody without realizing. But once we do realize we are at fault, it is important to take corrective action immediately. This will make the person forgive us for the mistake and thus, bad Karma might become negligible.


Sharing Knowledge

This is a highly effective way to create good karma. Sharing knowledge will bring to your life massive good fortune. We are often told to share all the knowledge about ethics, morality and spirituality we have. This helps not just stop bad karmas at our end, but also spreads awareness among other people, thus preventing bad karma in the world.


Spread Happiness And Peace

In this life as human beings, it is extremely essential that we share and spread peace and happiness. By doing so, we are doing every bit we can to defeat devilish forces and carry out causes for the sake of the good - the best way to transform karma and create good karma.

Happiness has the potential to free a person from his disease. It might give some hope to a person in despair. Thus, the positive force generated by his happiness might add to your good Karma.


Be Compassionate

Evil walks tall where there is the absence of compassion. Remember to be compassionate towards fellow human beings. This will undoubtedly get you good karma. Healing undoubtedly helps add blessings and good Karma to your account.


Appreciate The Good Things In Life And Stop Complaining

A life spent on complaining about the things you don't have and failing to appreciate the wonderful things in life will definitely attract negative karma, resulting in the loss of good fortune. Appreciating good things also means appreciating acts of love, kindness and help. Helping people definitely adds to one's good Karma. Similarly, complaining might not do good to either side; learn to make people aware of their mistakes and teach them to accumulate good Karma.

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