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Philosophical Questions And Answers About The Existence Of God


Have you ever looked at religion from the perspective of philosophy? By doing so, what is the conclusion that can be drawn? The existence of God has long been in question and is the prime reason for people to denounce their faith in religion. What is God,or rather, who is God are questions that have troubled the minds of humans since time without beginning. In this article, we look at certain philosophical questions about God.


For any person who actually believes in God, one of his most basic questions would be "what is the purpose of God". As is quite palpable, the question is hard to answer. We, in this article, look at some philosophical questions about God and try, as far as possible, to answer them.

We speak of certain facts about God whilst we answer some questions about God from the angle of Philosophy. Read on...


Does God Exist

The Bible says "because anybody who comes to him must believe that he exists". In the realm of religion, God sure does exist- the whole idea of religion is centred around that belief. But going by it philosophically, the existence of God remains a mystery. Philosophy however talks about faith. Philosophy, believes that faith is the key to our prayers getting answered.


Why Does God Exist?

Looking at it from the perspective of philosophy, the purpose is to raise our energy levels and standard of living. Once again, faith is imperative in this regard. Philosophy is closely related to science and is of the understanding that God is merely a web of extremely pure energy. The energy exists in order to pull other energy levels towards it, enabling other energy levels to fuse with the supreme life force of the universe.


Who Is God?

If this question has to be answered from the philosophical perspective, God is basically a supreme life force that is actually present in us.


Why Do Good People Suffer If God Exists

Philosophically, going by it from the angle of the most comprehensive philosophies, the law of case and effect, the most powerful force in the universe, is responsible for what happens to people in their lives. This again takes us back to the unanswered questions of Why God exists and who is God.


Does God Punish Sinners

This is something that can never be answered, for we see people who cause harm to humanity enjoy their lives in the abode of happiness whilst innocent people suffer their wrath.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 16:37 [IST]
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