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Mind-boggling Philosophical Mysteries About Time


If there is one thing in this universe we just do not have concrete answers to, it is the aspect of TIME. Time is the most elusive concept that has grappled both spirituality as well as science. Fundamental questions like "what is time, how can we quantify time, why does time exist, when will time end, when did time begin", all these are qu8estions nobody has actually found answers to. In this article, we try to explore the concept of time and try to answer some mind-boggling questions about time. We go on to explore some amazing facts about time in this process.


If we say the universe started with the big bang, where then and when did time start clicking? Did time exist before the big bang actually took place, or did it begin commencing with the formation of the universe? When will time end? IS time the "one and only aspect governing every phenomenon in the entire universe, the boundary of which is unfathomable?"

Well, let us look at these questions about time. While some can be answered by citing some facts, some others cannot. They remain as mysteries about time. As mentioned earlier, we raise questions like what is time, why does time exist and when will time come to an end.

Here are some philosophical questions about time. We address them by citing a few incredible facts about time. These can also be viewed as mysteries about TIME. Read on...


1. Does Time Have A Form?

This is one of the most fundamental questions about time- whether or not time has a form. Well, coming to speak of it, an object that has a form must be associated with geometrical shapes and phenomenon. In the case of time, however, there does not seem to be present any geometrical shape. Thus, it can well be concluded that time has no form.


2. Can The Origin Of Time Be Traced

It is a common practice of representing time in a circular fashion. If that is done, we are likely to end up or pass the moment when time first originated. But again, it is the middle way. Although it can be traced, it just cannot be traced. And even if time were to represented linearly, then we lose every possibility of tracing its origin.


3. What is The Purpose OF Time?

Time determines almost everything in this tangible universe. So what is the purpose of time then? If you look at it in the literal sense, the purpose of time is to see tings begin and to see things end. If we talk about religion and refer to a creator and a destroyer, looking at it philosophically, that creator and destroyer may very well be time, for if you consider the earth, only time will tell when it will end.


4. Who Or What Controls Time?

The mysteries of time are getting intense, aren't they? Coming to who controls time or what controls time, we have absolutely no answer.


5. Does Time Actually Flow

Coming to one of the biggest mysteries of time- whether or not time actually passes. We always talk about the past, present and the future. At one point in time, the present becomes the past and future becomes the present. But we are always living in the present whether or not the past or future exist. Does that imply time does not flow? A tough nut to crack, isn't it?

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 4:02 [IST]
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