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Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part IV

Unity of Awareness- Ishopanishad

“Yastu sarvaan bhootaani

aatmani eva anupasyati

sarva bhuteshu chatmaanam

tato no vyugupsate"

He, who constantly sees all manifestations (an objects and individuals in the world) verily in the Supreme-Self, and the Supreme-Self in all manifestations, thereafter from experiencing this vision, he is not shrunk. His awareness is expanded to a new dimension; it has embraced the entire Universe.

"Yasmin sarvaani bhutani

aatmaivaabhut vijanatah

tatra ko mohaha kah shokaha

ekatwam anupasyataha"

For him, who knows exceptionally well, that the Supreme-Self verily, has become all these objects and individuals manifest, and constantly sees the 'Oneness' manifest in all, there, in that vision, where is delusion and where is grief? '

When Lord Krishna says: "Mokshase Karma bandhanaiah!" - He means: “You shall get liberated from the bondage of attachment to the expectations of the reward you are craving in your work situation! You may work breathing free air!! Lest you may get choked!"

"Moha" forms the worst in-auspiciousness present in the human mind. When the Lord declares: "Mokshase ashubhaat!" - He means "you shall get liberated from this worst in-auspiciousness, you are unfortunately stuck to, unwittingly at all unguarded moment!"

May we pray to Him to give us strength to live with a spirit of enquiry, to secure and enjoy freedom, which is our birth-right! May we live a life of freedom and enquiry!!!

Story first published: Friday, July 23, 2010, 11:46 [IST]
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