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Swami Chinmayananda-The Legacy

Many knew him. Many revered him. Some remained sceptical. Some chose to dissent. But few disagree that the man called Swami Chinmayananda left an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of the people of India and of seekers of the Truth around the globe. The impact of his words and deeds will be felt for many generations to come.

What Swami Chinmayananda did was truly great. Even greater was what he did not do. Always in a whirlpool of plans and events, he never left the quietitude of the Self. Amid mountainous workloads and the never-ending demands of his followers, he revealed all times a serene dignity of spirit, a transcendent clarity of being.

The advent of an enlightened teacher (Master), selfless leaders, and tireless humanitarian is a remarkable event in itself. The opportunity to witness such a man doing his work in utter peace and poise is an unparalleled blessing. It is the Teaching itself.

While poring over sketches of a temple or blueprints for a hospital, while raising funds for a nursery-school, or overseeing new construction sites, Swamiji (Swami Chinmayananda) always remained a delightful combination of quiet, majestic dignity and light hearted ease. Those around him witnessed many a touch of guileless humour, a playful air of apparently not taking anything too seriously. In the Lord's play he was joyful actor, at once disciplined and demanding, wise and astute, light hearted and exuberant, bubbling over with merriment and laughter.

Behind the intricate architecture of Swamiji's Vedantic expositions and the edifice of his humanitarian works abided a Spirit of vibrant, loving simplicity. That Spirit taught the student more about the nature of the Self than the whole vast collection of words and deeds.

The words provided the perfect vehicle for persuading the mind to accept the fullness of one's divine nature, and the needs were awe-inspiring in their range. But the simple clarity of the speaker and doer Himself Swamiji in action - spoke most eloquently of the blissful silence that is the very nature of the Self.

The clarity of his Being allowed room for all. The silence within him was not disturbed by the adoration of the devoted nor by the resistance of the sceptical. In the vast, clear, loving, space of His Being, he accommodated all young and old, devoted and sceptical, rebellious and curious, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jew and agnostic.

For more than forty long years, he was never tired of repeating his loving message to anyone who would listen. You, too can inherit the Bliss that is your true nature. You, too can transform your sorrows into an abiding calm that nothing can disturb. "You change", he said, "and the world around you will change".

Encouraging us in our quest, he said, "He who reigns supreme as master of himself becomes the servant of Light unto others". He himself a dedicated servant of Light-proved it with his own life.

(Courtesy- Life of Inspiration and Service by Rudite Emir)

Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda, a enlightened Master of India, led thousands of seekers to eternal bliss. His life is exemplary in itself is a teaching (Continue)

About the author

This article, titled, 'The Legacy' is taken from Vedanta Vani of Chinmaya Mission, written for Life of Inspiration and Service by Rudite Emir)

Story first published: Friday, October 22, 2010, 12:37 [IST]
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