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Swami Chinmayananda-Dynamics of Togetherness

Continued from Nation building

I am not one of those who do not believe in the necessity for social revolutions, nor am I blind to the urgency of planning for my country. The tragic poverty of Bharat must be removed and national wealth must be increased. Industrial adventure and the consequent wealth production must be successfully undertaken and pursued with determination. But along with these the quality and texture of vision and character of the members of the community also must expand and improve.

A science, which has a ready plan for the unfoldments of individual man, is found in all the scriptures of the world. And when a student declares that among them all Vedanta is the most complete, he is not saying so because of his blind fanaticism but his assertion is because of the completeness of its total scientific approach. The theories that explore this problem, contemplated upon and discovered by the specialists, called the "Rishies", constitute "Philosophy". and the practical instructions upon how to subjectively achieve the perfections, indicated as possibilities by the philosophers, constitute "Religion"

The Science of Man-making is the essence of all true Scriptures. The pure science of life, is "philosophy", and the technology, meaning he applied science of life, is "religion".

In Bharat, during all our illustrious past, we had lived and achieved as people, and we have a full grown national consciousness of to get he mess. Inspired by the common ideal, we lived an integrated life of progress and glory, of profit and prestige, supremely creative in every field of our national endeavour. This entire national spirit seems to spring up in Bharat from the spiritual culture of this sacred nation.

To revive it, therefore, should mean at once the remaking of Bharat and fulfilling all the dreams of those who are working in the different fields of nation building. Remember, the father of our nation conceived and planned our political freedom, through methods based upon our own national philosophy, by intelligently inspiring the people through an appeal to the immortal traditions in our culture.

Serious study of, and open discussions upon, the scripture alone can help us discover a way of life, which can inspire all, because it springs from the very National genius. Integrated individuals, constitute among themselves a healthy community, and the coordinated inspired efforts of the communities come to build up the nation (to reveal the dynamics of togetherness)

Such a united country, wherein each citizen is inspired to give his best in a spirit of dedication and selflessness, demanding for himself nothing more than the privilege of serving the country, becomes a nation of destiny, with power and strength, to make its own future. This dynamics of togetherness is to be discovered immediately, and this is an urgent demand upon us forced by the present history of the world.

To the extent we come up to answer this challenge of the times, to that extent we are assured of our continued future, perhaps not only as a happy, united, progressive nation but also as a beacon-star for the restless world to follow and reach a more rewarding peace and a more meaningful progress.

About the author

Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda, a enlightened master of India, led thousands of seekers to eternal bliss. His life is exemplary and in itself is a teaching. This article forms the last part of His write up 'The Dynamics of Togetherness' which is the continuation of 'Nation Building' and 'Individual freedom.

Story first published: Monday, December 6, 2010, 16:38 [IST]
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