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Silent Mind Reveals The Brahman

Transcend the Thinking Mind Look around with a silent mind. There is nothing but the Brahman everywhere. Every object is nothing but the Brahman . The world when see through a quiet mind (silent mind) is the Brahman. Hush the mind. From where you used to see the world, there dwells only Brahman. Even if the mind is not totally ended, if its grossness is removed, it becomes subtle. And with a subtle mind, you start recognizing (in the objects of the world) a progressively deeper thrill.

You may be sitting alone on the seaside, for example, in a holiday mood, thinking of nothing in particular. Suddenly you behold a late moon rising from the eastern sky. If your mind is not preoccupied with other thoughts, and you are relaxed, don't you feel that there is an "ah", a voiceless majesty, a wordless and inexpressible poetry, a compelling charm, an irresistible magic (of the silent mind) in the very same vision that you have seen from your childhood onwards and which is really nothing new?

Study the scriptures seriously. Once you have their ideas in your mind, start putting them into practice through the various yogas of bhakti, karnla, jnana, and so on. By all these methods, the mind becomes subtle. The subtler the mind, the deeper is the study of the scriptures. Then the mind understands more of the relative postion between the Brahman and the world - jiva,jagat, and Isvara. Once the relative positions are known by the mind, then whether your eyes are closed or open, it does not matter.

You are transported into an awareness of the omnipresence of the dynamic Divine. No teacher can give you this comprehension. No God can bless you with this awareness.

To be continued

About the author

Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda discusses about the ultimate Brahman experienced in the silent mind in this article which is an expert from his write up, 'The Highest Truth'

Story first published: Wednesday, November 3, 2010, 9:53 [IST]
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