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Breaking Laws

By Staff

The most intriguing aspect for a budding spiritualist is whether the laws of destiny could be bent. Can the maker of the law break it? Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa unfolds this mystery to one of His ardent devotees, Mathur Babu.

Mathur Babu put Ramakrishna to several tests to dispel his doubts of Him before he whole heartedly accepted Him as his master. The God intoxicated state of Sri Ramakrishna caused Mathur to doubt the sanity to the master. One day Sri Ramakrishna slapped Rani Rasamani, another noted devotee and the mother in law of Mathur. The lady was reprimanded for her straying thoughts towards a law suit in the temple while the master was singing. Such sudden eruptions of moods worried Mathur though Rani Rasamani took that as a chiding from Mother Kali herself.

The distressed Mathur hence confronted the Master begging Him to keep His emotions under control and conform to the norms of the societal laws. He further argued that even God followed laws, that He did not permit two different colours of a flower to bloom in the same stalk. The following day the master presented Mathur with two different colours of Hibiscus on the same stalk, one red and another white, breaking even the law of nature!

This is indeed a story that teaches faith, surrender and the might of the Almighty.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 4, 2008, 2:10 [IST]