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Solving Problems-For Whom Is The Problem?

In the series of articles regarding solving problems, 'For whom is the problem?' is falls next.

Firstly, the undeniable fact is that a problem does not remain a problem always. In 'Where is the problem' it was discussed that the problem lies in one's mind. Hence the problem actually is the thought of a situation. When one does not hold on to the thought, the problem does not exist. However we deem that it is the problematic thoughts that is tormenting one.

The only way to relieve ourselves from the erroneous conception is to seek the answer of the question, “For whom is the problem?" This question is vital in problem solving simply because, unless one exists one cannot have a problem.

So is there a problem in one's own existence? It is clearly understood that one's existence cannot be a problem. It is only thoughts and objects that creates problems. The simple wish to live life problem free itself reveals that one's existence is not a problem. It is a common truth in everyone's life that one loves oneself more than anyone else. Even the love and care that we harbour for the near and dear ones is to remain tension free and peaceful in one's own life. We are unable to see them suffer because their suffering is unbearable to us. For example it is one's attachment to our loved ones that pains us in their failures.

So the next important question arises, if we love ourselves so much, why do we hold on to problems? It is simply because we do not know our true self.

So who am I?

The truth is that no experience stays with one. Everything is fleeting. That which lights up all experiences is the 'I,' the substratum or the base.

Self enquiry of Ramana Maharshi unfolds the real 'I' that surpasses the body and the mind. The witness, the consciousness or the awareness that sees, the body and the mind.

The next article in the series of 'Solving problems' is “Self Enquiry, the cure for all issues"

Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2011, 17:57 [IST]
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