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How To Be Enlightened By 21!

By Staff

Ancient spiritual Masters of the East developed a wonderful system for holistic education called the gurukul system. In the Sanskrit language, it means, 'living with the Master'. The spiritual Masters came from a long lineage or school unlike the modern residential school or any such thing we know today. The original structure and system of gurukul is now non-existent. The gurukul system was based on the spiritual love of the ancient sage or Master who accepted every child who wished to become educated.

The child thrived under the love, protection, and guidance of the Master. For the duration of the studies, the parents had no rights over him. Such an ideal school was supported by people who were aware of the deeper spiritual characteristics of life. Many of their practices seem strange to us today.

For example, until the age of seven, children wore no clothes. Children had no idea that they were individual bodies. They were allowed to relate with nature and directly interact with the ether energy. A child was not aware of his body. Children believed that they were a part of nature.

Until the age of seven, a child did not begin formal education. The Master radiated unbelievable love and patience. We can neither comprehend its depth nor understand its breadth. While in the gurukul, the Masters did not allow children to be segregated into male and female. In this way, children grew up without suppressing the opposite gender that was alive in them. In the gurukul system, the students were encouraged to keep their gender open because every human, even today, is born with some percentage of female and male traits.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 3:55 [IST]