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Inner Evolution: From Misery To Bliss

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Inner Evolution

All acts which harm us, and cause pain and suffering to others, result from selfish attachment to wealth, fame and power. Since the single goal of the Vedas is to reveal a path that can eliminate pain and misery, may it be social or individual; they delineate a way of life that can break through this vicious circle.

How to achieve Inner Evolution?

How? The first step is to eliminate all harmful deeds. For this the Vedas prescribe acts of service that also promise some reward to the individual. This is the form of religion that is well known - "Do this and this, you will go to heaven." etc. But this is only for a lay person standing on the first step of inner evolution.

The next step to achieve inner evolution is to eliminate selfish attachment itself. For this the Vedas prescribe Karma Yoga, or selfless acts of service performed with the only aim of uniting with the supreme Beloved present within all beings. Such service can be directed towards sentient beings, such as fellow humans or animals, and also towards insentient beings, such as trees and rivers etc. Selfless service has tremendous potency to purify the heart from its impurities (selfish lust, anger, greed, ignorance, envy and pride etc.). This gives rise to an extremely loving and friendly character.

The next step follows naturally as a pure heart notices the ocean of omnipresent Beauty that exists all around us. With a glimpse of this cosmic Beauty our heart enters into a deep relationship with it. This love is called Bhakti Yoga (love as a means of union with the Beloved). This bond of love strengthens further as a person starts to realize that this love is not one-sided, but mutual. The love of Krishna and Radha celebrates this mutual relationship of the individual with the cosmic Beauty.

The last step to achieve inner evolution ensues as the cosmic Beauty allows the individual to have a deep insight into its very essence. This insight is mystical wisdom, Veda. Complete union of the lover and the Beloved inevitably follows. This blissful union (yoga) is the ultimate goal of human existence. Now the person takes care of everyone around him for no selfish purpose, just like all of us take care of ourselves and our beloved ones. Such a person has attained the highest possible stage of evolution. This is the essence of the Vedas as presented in the Bhagavad Gita.

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