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Shri Sai Sat Charitra-Chapter XXVII-Part I

By Super

Favour shown by giving Bhagwat and Vishnu-Sahasra Nam Dixit's Vitthal Vision Gita Rahasya Khapardes.

This Chapter describes, how Sai Baba favoured His devotees by granting them religious books after he had touched and consecrated them, for Parayana (reading regularly) and certain other matters.


When a man takes a plunge into the sea, he gets the merit of bathing in all the Tirthas and sacred rivers. Similarly when a man takes refuge at the feet of the Sad-guru, he gets the merit of bowing to the Trinity, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and also Para-Brahma.

Sai Ram. That is because Guru is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara and is in fact none other than the Para-Brahma. Sai Ram. Guru dispels the spiritual darkness and shows the things in true light. That is why in Sri Aditya Hridayam, Sun God Aditya is also referred to as One with all Gods including Brahma, Vishnu, Siva etc. Just as Sun illuminates the world with its light and dispels darkness, Guru dispels the spiritual darkness (in another chapter too, Sai Baba tells Sri Nanasaheb Chandorkar that Guru does not teach truth but teaches what is untrue, thus removes Ajnana, ignorance). Guru is therefore referred many times as Gnana Bhaskara (The Sun of Knowledge). Sai Ram.

Victory be unto Shri Sai the wish-fulfilling tree and the ocean of knowledge, who gives us self-realisation. Oh Sai, create in us regard for your stories. Let the readers and audience devour them with the same relish with which the chatak bird drinks the water from the clouds and becomes happy. While listening to your stories, let them and their families get all the sattwik emotions, viz. let their bodies perspire, let their eyes be full of tears, let their prana be steady, let their minds be composed, let their hair stand on end, let them cry, sob and shake, let their hostilities and their distinctions, great and small vanish. If these things happen, that is a sign of the grace of the Guru dawning upon them. When these emotions develop in you, the Guru is most pleased and will certainly lead you on to the goal of self-realisation.

The best way, therefore, to get free from the shackles of Maya is our complete and whole-hearted surrender to Baba. The Vedas cannot take you across the ocean of Maya. It is only the Sad-guru, who can do so and make you, see the Lord in all creatures.

Sai Ram. By removing the veil that covers the vision, Sadguru Sai can and will make us see Him in all animate and inanimate things. The Creator is different from the Creation but pervades the whole Creation too. Thus Sai pervades the whole universe. Sai Ram.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 10:56 [IST]
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