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Why Is Satyanarayana Puja Important In Telugu Weddings?

Kammas are an extremely powerful caste in the Telugu community, of Andhra Pradesh, whose lineage extends back to the Kakatiya community. These groups are basically agriculturists (zamindars) who are ideally Vishnu worshippers.

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Satyanarayana vrat is staunchly followed by the Kammas and Vishnu or Satyanarayana puja is a must-do post-marriage ritual that is strictly observed amongst the Telugu speakers. It is the very first puja ritual that is performed by the newlyweds after the wedding celebrations conclude so that it leads them on to true marital bliss. They are asked to take their vows together, during this vrat, which starts with a fast and then ends with prasad distribution. Let us take a glimpse ahead and understand all about the vrat that is performed in Telugu Weddings.

Satyanarayana Vrata: Puja Rituals

Once the bride enters her marital household, the next ritual that is performed for the well-being of the newlywed couple is the Satyanarayana Vrat. It is preferably celebrated a day after the marriage celebrations come to an end. It is a daytime ritual and fasting is a must for the bride and groom until the vratam is completed.

Eye-catching Rangoli designs on the floor, and the lovely tendrils and leaves of mango adorning the doors of the house is sure to leave pleasant memories of the festival. Satyanarayana idol is placed at the altar, and it is at this juncture that the Ganesh puja begins. The story (vrat katha) is read aloud after the puja event. Prasadam is offered to the lord, after worshipping him with flowers, and then the prasad is distributed. This vratam can be performed on any day. The couple needs to have a glimpse at the moon, before consuming the prasadam and then they can perform Mangala Aarthi to Lord Satyanarayana as the last step of the ritual.

The puja starts after the Ganesh puja, Navgraha puja, and Satyanarayan Katha. One of the stories in the vrat katha carries a moral that all the tasks should be performed with undivided attention with no impediments, and no venture that is started should be relinquished in the middle of the course. The puja and vrat katha associated with this day proclaim the need for being truthful and the kind of trust that the couple should develop towards each other.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The Importance Of Satyanarayana Vrat In Telugu Weddings

One can see that people belonging to the Telugu community are highly traditional and god-fearing that they understand the sanctity of marriage as if it were by instinct. This adds a truly special touch to the marriage proceedings. The vrat helps them to understand that the challenges that arise in life after marriage certainly require divine blessings to be countered effectively. This vrat gives them a hope that the God is with them every step of their way, and at every phase in their efforts and struggles throughout the marital journey.

This vrat is a part of the kaamakya vratam that is extracted from the Reva Kand or Skanda Purana. Known for conferring a galore of worldly benefits, this vrat fulfills the desires to have a pleasant and long wedding life, and a good progeny to continue your lineage.

The puja is followed by vrat Katha, which consists of five stories to be read at the conclusion of the vratam ritual. According to the people belonging to the Telugu community, these five stories stand for five morals that you need to stick to for your entire life, as a devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu. They can be called the true and ancient Indian panchsheel.

The principles and values that are cherished by the Devout Telugu community are:

a) Sad-bhakti (True devotion),
b) Satsang (the company of the pious),
c) Satya-Grahan (holding on to the precept of truth),
d) Satya tapas (true penance) and
e) Satya-Atman(realizing that all souls are equal in the eyes of the divine).

This vrat ensures Lord Vishnu's blessings for the wellbeing of not only the married couple but also of the others gathered in the event.

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