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Solar Eclipse 2022: Why Is Tulsi Leaf Added To Food Items During Surya Grahan

Although lunar eclipse and solar eclipse are seen as astronomical events, but there are numerous religious beliefs associated with it. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun comes between the Earth and the Moon. Whereas, when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, it is known as solar eclipse.

During this a straight line is formed and the sun is completely covered and the sunlight does not reach the earth. All auspicious works are said to be prohibited during the eclipse. It is advised to do some special work during the time of eclipse like use of basil leaves. Know why basil leaves are said to be used during the time of eclipse and what is the reason for this.

Eclipses 2022: Time And Date

  • First Solar Eclipse: 30 April 2022
  • Second Solar Eclipse: 25 October 2022
  • First lunar eclipse: 16 May 2022
  • Second lunar eclipse: 08 November 2022

Do not do this work in the eclipse, before the eclipse takes place, the Sutak period takes place. From the beginning of the Sutak period to the end of the eclipse, it is forbidden to do all kinds of religious activities. In Hinduism, this period is considered inauspicious, so all auspicious works are postponed during this time. The doors of the temple are also kept closed during the eclipse.

Why Is Tulsi Leaf Added In Food Items During Surya Grahan?

There is a popular belief that with a mere sight of Tulsi plant every day, one can get rid of all sins and problems. Happiness and prosperity begin to reside in the house where Tulsi plant is in good condition. It is said that the effect of negative forces on the earth increases during the time of eclipse and therefore, in such a situation, by keeping a Tulsi plant, you can regain the purity of the house. It is also believed that along with negativity, Tulsi also prevents the effects of evil forces.

Add Tulsi in the food before the eclipse, it is believed that due to the effect of the eclipse, the food items kept in the house get contaminated and if one consumes them, it can be injurious to health. In such a situation, it is advised to keep basil leaves in the food items before the eclipse. Tulsi has many medicinal properties and it also contains mercury which eliminates the effect of ultraviolet rays emitted during an eclipse. Tulsi also removes many types of health problems. Using Tulsi at the time of eclipse helps in keeping all the food items safe and maintains their purity.

Use basil in other works also, put basil leaves in bathing water. After the eclipse is over, all the family members must take a bath with that water. Clean the house and establish purity by sprinkling Tulsi water. It will also help to free the atmosphere of the house from the effect of eclipse. There is a strong belief that by using Tulsi after the eclipse, happiness, prosperity and positivity will remain in the house.

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