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Solar Eclipse 2022: Know Why Temples Are Closed During Surya Grahan?

According to astrology, Rahu and Ketu are the north and the south lunar nodes that cause eclipses when the Sun and Moon are at these nodes, because of which an illusory effect of Sun and Moon being swallowed by a snake occurs, which is referred to as Grahan or eclipse.

Rahu is known to cause solar eclipse. The cycles of Rahu and Ketu are a common astronomical occurrence but it is the eclipse incidents that add to their dark mysteries. Eclipse is classified into two types, Solar eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.

The placement of yantras in strategic places inside/around the temple unleashes energy into the atmosphere. This divine energy impacts the devotees when they are inside the temple. There is an interaction of the sun and planetary energy with that of the energy from within the temple.

The idols are consecrated and energised, as they receive constant worship coupled with mantra recitations. Most of the time, this divine experience is missed by us, as we are more focussed on our material desires and God's blessings that fulfil them.

Why are temples shut down during a lunar or solar eclipse?

Researchers found that during grahan, negative radiation of an abnormal magnitude is dispersed. The idol usually emanates positive energy in a clockwise direction. During the eclipse, the clockwise motion of divine energy is disturbed. It is the aura around the idols that are disturbed. So the doors that allow the rays of the sun, are shut down so that the negativity released by the planetary bodies does not impact the idols. The yantra effect in the temples also gets disturbed and in turn upset the mood of the devotees.

The holy men of ancient times knew the eclipse effects on temples and human beings. So the temple doors were closed on these days to mitigate the effects of the eclipses on the aura of idols and the state of mind of the devotees.

How does Sutak impact the idols in the temples?

Sutak is an inauspicious time that arrives before the eclipse. No auspicious work is done during this period. The solar eclipse has four pahars, wherein one pahar is equal to three hours, and hence sutak starts 12 hours before the eclipse. When the eclipse is visible, the sutak becomes all the more effective. The idols of gods are not touched during the eclipse period and with the onset of the sutak time, the doors of the temples are closed so as to protect the deities from all the malefic effects of all inimical planetary yogas occurring during the eclipse.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temples, which house the main deity, is kept locked so as to prevent any negative energy from neutralising the positive energy within the temples. After the eclipse concludes, the temple is washed, cleaned and then opened for public service. Certain rituals are performed before the temple is made available for darshan by the devotees. Even in Kaula Lumpur, Hindu temples remain closed during the annular solar eclipse. In Malaysia, the prayers in temples are kept on hold during this eclipse time.

Tulsi leaves are used to cover the idols from the abnormal negativity that originates from the grahan process. We choose Tulsi leaves because they can absorb harmful radiation.

It is interesting to know how and why the temple at Kalahastishwar remains open even during Grahan times. This temple caters mainly to the rituals associated with Rahu and Ketu and hence the graham leaves no impact on this temple. Srikalahasti or the Kailash of South India is the only temple that continues its worship to Rahu and Ketu on the day of the eclipse.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

Story first published: Saturday, October 22, 2022, 12:05 [IST]
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