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Skanda Sashti 2022: Dates, Tithi, Puja Rituals, Vrat Katha And Significance

Skanda Shashti is primarily observed amongst the worshippers of Shiva. Mythological texts and Puranas are packed with anecdotes that eulogize him for his compassion and magnificence.

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Skanda ( otherwise known as Shanmukha, and Kartikeya ) is the first-born son of Lord Ishwara and Devi Parvathi. To celebrate the praises and benevolence of Lord Kartikeya, Skanda Shashti is observed every month. Thi auspicious day is celebrated to commemorate the destruction of the demon Soorapada by Lord Kartikeya. Let us scroll through to learn more about Lord Muruga, who is the commander in chief of the celestial army.

Skanda Sashti 2022: Puja Rituals And Observances

The entire day should be spent fasting, to appease Lord Muruga. Choicest delicacies are prepared beforehand and offered to him during the puja. Muruga's abhisheka is performed with rosewater and ghee diyas are lit. Mantras are chanted to invoke him so that the devotees can pray in complete earnest and surrender.

It is interesting to note that the day begins with a series of fasts starting from the Prathama ritual, post new moon during Diwali. Fasting goes on uninterrupted. from the sunrise of that current day to the sunrise of the next day. The mantra chants add a spiritual dimension to the eye-dazzling fare of the diyas and flower arrangements.

The main focus of this vratam is abstinence from tamasic food such as meat, alcohol and the observance of celibacy. Applying a mixture of vermillion and yoghurt on Kartikeya is known to expel all business and financial troubles from your life.

If complete fasting seems difficult, then make sure you consume only sattvic food. Otherwise, you can consider spending the day on only fruits and milk. Apart from this, cleansing yourself from within and worshipping him with undivided attention and focus assures his constant presence in your life. Last but not least, the last step of the ritual will be to recite the Kandar Shashti Kavacham. This stotra is catchy and certainly resonates with your inbuilt sense of rhythm and melody.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Skanda Sashti 2022: Vrat Katha Of Lord Muruga

Taraka, was an invincible demon whose sole aim in life was to subdue the devas. Realizing that he needed matchless powers to achieve his purpose, he performed a Tapasya for the same. Lord Brahma gave his darshan to Taraka at the end of his austerities. Taraka evinced a desire to be immortal. Brahma advised him against it.

Then Taraka wished that if at all he has to face death, it must happen at the hands of the 7-year-old son of Shiva. Now it was the turn of devatas to seek refuge with Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, in accordance with their plans, agreed to marry Parvathi and begets a son after marriage. This son was none other than Lord Muruga, who killed Taraka in a fierce battle that ensued seven years later.

Skanda Shashti 2022: History And Significance

Lord Muruga symbolizes martial energy, and he is the reigning deity of Mars. He is also the lord to pray for when afflicted with mars dosha in the horoscope. He is also known to alleviate the longstanding pain and sufferings of his devotees.

Lord Muruga expects true dedication from his worshippers. Three supreme deities of the universe (Lord Shiva, Lord Bhrahma And Lord Vishnu) together cannot save a person suffering Muruga's wrath. Muruga's Trishul, does not return to him unless it serves its purpose of slaying the opponent. It is best not to disrespect him, as no one can dare confront him. To those, that completely surrender to him, the confers both happiness and prosperity.

Skanda Shashti Dates 2022

07 January Friday Skanda Shashti
06 February Sunday Skanda Shashti
08 March Tuesday Skanda Shashti
06 April Wednesday Skanda Shashti
06 May Friday Skanda Shashti
05 June Sunday Skanda Shashti
04 July Monday Skanda Shashti
03 August Wednesday Skanda Shashti
01 September Thursday Skanda Shashti
01 October Saturday Skanda Shashti
25 October Tuesday Skanda Shashti
26 October Wednesday Skanda Shashti
27 October Thursday Skanda Shashti
28 October Friday Skanda Shashti
29 October Saturday Skanda Shashti
30 October Sunday Skanda Shashti

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