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Sindhu Darshan Festival 2022: Date, Time, Celebrations, History And Significance

The prime focus of the Sindhu darshan festival is to pay our respects and offer prayers to the Sindhu River, which is one of the largest rivers that cradled the very ancient Indian civilization. This three-day festival brings in people from all walks, religions, and regions, with varied perceptions about life.

Sindhu river was named Indus, by the western explorers. Over the years, it has grown into a cultural hub or a melting pot that has not only enriched our personalities but added a communally harmonious touch to our lives. Let us know more about the date, time, history and significance associated with the Sindhu Darshan Festival.

Sindhu Darshan Festival 2022: Date and Time

Celebrated for three days in Leh, at a place called Shey Manla, located about 8 km from Leh, the Sindhu Darshan is a celebration of unity as well as national integration. It commences on the full moon day and goes on from 12 June 2022 to 14 June 2022.

Sindhu Darshan Festival 2022: History

Sindhu Darshan festival was the brainchild of Lal Krishna Advani and Tarun Vijay, the famous politician. This duo was the first to discover the Sindhu River in January 1996. Vijay thought of giving the project a final touch and urged the people to celebrate the day on which the Sindhu was spotted. It was in the year 1997 when the Sindhu darshan festival was held for the first time. Since then, it has become a place of attraction for people across the world. This was the revered pilgrimage centre for Sindhis much before it was discovered by the duo. It is a river of Vedic origin that descends from the southwestern part of Tibet and enters India through Ladakh or Leh.

Sindhu Darshan Festival 2022: Celebrations

The Sindhu River festival highlights the cultural unity in the diversity of India, and this occasion brings to life, the spirit and essence of all religions. The reception ceremony on the first day of the Guru Poornima is hosted by a committee that is led by leaders from different religious communities. This event testifies to the unified power of faith, which can move mountains. A grand prayer chorus by 50 senior Lamas (spiritual leaders in Tibetan Buddhism) during the day and a bonfire arranged for the night at the Sindhu ghat, bolsters the true spirit of fraternity and festivity.

The cultural exchange program is reserved for the second day of the festival, where the best of artistry from all regions of India, marks its presence in the place, this, of course, is preceded by a maha puja. This is not all, the third day is even more promising with grand celebrations, which have the viewers in teeming numbers, on the edge of their seats.

The trans-Himalayan Sindhu River belt receives visitors in mind-boggling numbers. To prove the unity of cultures, pots of water from various regions are brought by their representatives and immersed in the Sindhu so that the cultural imprints are carried along with her currents.

Sindhu Darshan Festival 2022: Significance

Sindhu, earlier known as the Indus River, was a cradle of civilizations. There is a chapter dedicated to this in our history textbooks as well. It not only found a place in the textbooks, but it also had a stamp issued by the Government of India depicting the Sindhu darshan festival way back in 1999 July.

Sindhu river is believed to provide water to the deceased ancestors. In the music and dance shows, and the art exhibitions, you can see the culture of each community etching its strong indigenous heritage, into the psyche of viewers. It feels like a cultural melting pot that is designed to have a huge impact on our mindset and our worldview. The Sindhu darshan showcases the beauty of Leh in its most perfect angles and locations.

The beauty of Leh is so overpowering, that the seriousness and gravity of the festival almost pale into insignificance. However, the scenic charm blends in perfectly with the ecstasy of faith and devotion pervading the atmosphere. This festival is also considered an ideal opportunity to laud the soldiers who risk their lives to protect the Sindhu banks, day, and night.

Image sources: Iskcon Blog, Wikimedia Commons

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Story first published: Sunday, May 22, 2022, 8:00 [IST]
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