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Santan Saptami 2022: Date, Time, Fasting, Worship, Vrat Katha, Legend And Significance

Santan Saptami is a day of fasting and worship to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This vrat, if performed with due care and faith, blesses the worshipper with a healthy and lucky male progeny. By observing this, any suffering or sorrow predestined for the child could be wiped out from the child's life.

Your child is safe if this entire ritual is followed as per regulations. Both men and women can perform this vrat and ideally the parents should be performing the vrat together for achieving the best results. On the whole, this vrat is performed for three-fold benefits of having children, protection and also the progress of children. Read on to know more.

Santana Saptami 2022: Date And Time

Santan Saptami is celebrated on Saptami Tithi of Bhadprada Shukla Paksha, as per Hindu Panchang, and as per Gregorian calendar, this year, it will fall on 03 September 2022. The shubh muhurat starts at 05:20 pm on 02 September 2022 and ends at 03:10 pm on 03 September 2022.

Santana Saptami 2022: Fasting Procedure

Mothers who observe this fast should wear fresh clothes after the ritualistic cleansing bath. Then worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva after which pledge should be taken for the protection of the child.

As the fasting concludes by 12 noon, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati have to be worshipped again using sandalwood, Akshat, incense, lamp, prasad, betel nut and coconut etc. During the fasting event, offer pudding of kheer-puri and jaggery in the form of prasad. Mouli is offered to Bholenath with prayers for the protection of the child. Then the child should be made to wear it, and listen to the vrat katha.

Santan Saptami 2022: Worship Method

  • Parents must begin a fast as soon as they complete their early morning cleansing rituals to ensure a bright future for their children.
  • Take a pledge for the protection of your child before you begin the fast. Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
  • Purify the place of worship by sprinkling Ganga Jal all around.
  • Then spread red clothes on the wooden Chowki. Place the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on it
  • Upon this, install the idol or picture of Lord Shiva and his family.
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the idols after giving a holy bath to Gods with Ganja Jal.
  • Pour water, betel nut, Akshat, one rupee coin in a vase or kalash, Place mango tendrils in it. Add rice to it and light a lamp over it.
  • 14 puas made of flour and sugar must be placed on a banana leaf. Sometimes Kheer and Puri are also offered as Bhog. Before offering the bhog, a tulsi leaf should be dipped in holy water and rotated it towards the Lord's idol, and then placed inside the bhog.
  • Panchopachara must be performed with fruits, flowers, incense, lamps etc. duly.
  • Now a silver thread/string must be tied to Lord Shiva's idol which then needs to be tied around the right wrist of the child, after consecrating it in God's presence with milk and water.
  • Now listen to the vrat katha to conclude the event.
  • This puja begins only after 12:00 noon. So, it is very propitious and preferable to conclude the fast by noon.
  • Post vrat katha hearing, donate seven puas to a Brahmin, and break the fast by consuming the remaining 7 puddings yourself.

Santan Saptami 2022: Vrat Katha

The vrat katha must be heard by parents, together, for best results. The information about this fast was provided to Yudhishthira by Lord Krishna. The ritualistic details were handed down to Lord Krishna's parents by the sage Lomasha. Devaki's seven sons were sacrificed at the alter of the demon Kamsa's nefarious intentions and hence they wanted to perform a vrat on the Saptami day to be blessed with a child, who would live long and up to their expectations.

Santan Saptami 2022: Legend And Significance

Nahush ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya, once upon a time, along with his queen Chandramukhi. There was a Brahmin in the city whose wife, Roopmati , was the friend of the queen. The friends were very attached to each other. Once, during a pleasure tour around the city, as they arrived at the bank of Saryu, they spotted several women worshipping Lord Shiva to have a child, on the Saptami day. The friends got to know why the women performed the vrat and decided to do the vrat themselves, and later forgot about this totally. Finally, as their end neared, they died to be reborn as animals.

A couple of lifetimes later, Chandramukhi was born as Ishwari, and Roopmati as Bhooshana. Chandravati was Ishwari and the name of Roopmati was Bhushana. Again, Ishwari was a queen and Bhushana was her brahmin friend. Bhushana had an uncanny past life memory due to which she realized that a Saptami vrat was pending to be done. She fasted and prayed to God due to the blessings of which she gave birth to eight sons. Ishwari was unable to bear a child as she did not pay heed to Bhushana's advice to do that vrat. Overpowered by a twinge of jealousy, she tried to kill Bhushana's sons but was unsuccessful. Lastly, Ishwari confessed about her misdeeds to Bhushana and begged for mercy. Bhushana reminded her of previous lifetime and asked her to observe the vrat . Ishwari followed the vrat very religiously and was blessed with a handsome child.

Santan Saptami not only bestows offsprings, it also wards off any reason to be worried about your kids. Those wanting to have healthy and fit children, pray to God Shiva and Goddess Parvati on this day. When parents observe fast on this day for the sake of their children, happiness and prosperity would follow the child throughout life.
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Story first published: Friday, August 19, 2022, 12:00 [IST]
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