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Rang Panchami 2022: Date, Time, Rituals And Significance

Holi is the festival of colours which starts from the full moon in the month of Falfun or Phalguna and it continues till the Chaitra month. As per the Hindu calendar, this year on 17 March Holika Dahan will be celebrated and on 18 March, the festival of colours, Holi will be observed.

Rang Panchami is observed on Phalgun Krushnapaksh Panchami i.e. the fifth day of the second fortnight of the month of Phalgun and it is a very auspicious day for the people of the Hindu community. This day is also known as Dev Panchami because on this day, it is believed that deities play with colours and celebrate the festival of Holi. Scroll down the article to know about the date, time, rituals and significance related to this festival.

Rang Panchami 2022: Date, Time

Rangpanchami will be observed on 22 March, Tuesday. Chaitra Krishna Paksha Panchami date starts at 22 March 2022 from 06:24 am on Tuesday. Chaitra Krishna Paksha Panchami date ends at 23 March 2022, Wednesday, till 04:21 am.

Rang Panchami 2022: Stories And Legends

Legend has it that Lord Krishna played Holi with Radha on the auspicious day of Rang Panchami. This is the reason, devotees worship Radha Krishna and offer them gulal. Also, special pujas are done in the temples dedicated to Goddess Radha.

Another mythological text says that on the day of Holashtak, Lord Shiva had consumed Kamadeva due to which there was an atmosphere of grief in Devlok. Witnessing this, Lord Shiva promised that he will bring Kamdev back to life if all Gods and Godess Rati prayed. Hearing this, deities were overjoyed and they started celebrating Rangotsav.

Rang Panchami 2022: Significance Of Blowing Gulal

The festival of Rang Panchami holds immense significance and it is on this day that Holi is played only using Gulal and not colours and blowing gulal is also considered auspicious on this day. The day is celebrated with huge pomp in Vrindavan and Mathura to pay homage to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Devotees believe that Goddesses come to earth and then play gulal with humans and the ones who are blessed enough to come in contact with the gulal flying in air then they will get rid of all their sins and will be surrounded by positive energy.

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