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January 2021: List Of Hindu Festivals That Will Be Celebrated This Month

When it comes to Indian festivals, you will get to experience many of them. With the arrival of new year, there is a long list of Hindu festivals that will be observed in the month of January 2021. Right from Kalashtami to Sankashthi Chaturthi, people all over India will be observing various festivals. In order to know what are those festivals that will be observed in January 2021, scroll down the article to read more.


1. Kalashtami: 6 January 2021

Kalashtami, is a Hindu festival observed on the Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha every month. Those who are devotees of Lord Bhairava, observe a fast and worship the deity on Kalashtami. The festival is quite important for these people.


2. Saphala Ekadashi: 9 January 2021

In a month, Ekadashi occurs twice. Ekadashi is basically the eleventh day of both waning and waxing phases of the moon and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This year on 9 January 2021, devotees of Lord Vishnu will be observing the Saphala Ekadashi. The festival falls every year in the Krishna Paksh of Paush month. Devotees of Lord Vishnu observe a fast on this day and stay awake throughout the night.


3. Pradosh Vrat: 10 January 2021

Pradosh Vrat is a significant Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is usually observed on the Trayodashi tithis of both waning and waxing phases of the moon. Devotees of Lord Shiva usually observe this fast to seek His blessings and get rid of their wrongdoings.


4. Masik Shivratri: 11 January 2021

Shivaratri means the ‘night of Lord Shiva' and is observed every month. The devotees of Lord Shiva consider it as one of the important Hindu festivals. In January 2021, the Masik Shivratri will be observed on 11 i.e., on Monday.


5. Darsha Amaasya: 12 January 2021

Darsha Amavasya is another important Hindu festival falling in the Hindu month of Paush. Usually, Amavasya is the new moon day on which the moon isn't visible. Darsha Amavasya is considered to be a suitable day for paying tribute to one's ancestors. It is said paying tribute to deceased loved ones and donating alms, food and clothes brings name, fame, wealth and happiness to one's life.


6. Hanuman Jayanti: 13 January 2021

Every year Hanumath Jayanthi is observed in the Hindu month of Margashirsha. The festival is usually observed in Tamil Nadu. People observing this festival believe that Lord Hanumanth was born on this day. This year the festival will be observed on 13 January 2021.


7. Lohri: 13 January 2021

Lohri is one of the popular festivals observed by people belonging to the Sikh community. So we can say that the festival is usually observed in the Punjab state of India. The festival marks the harvest season. Hindus too observe this festival with slightly different rituals. They call it Makar Sankranti. This year Lohri will be observed on 13 January 2021.


8. Pongal: 14 January 2021

Pongal is a harvest festival observed by people belonging to South Indian states. The festival is observed as Makar Sankranti in North Indian and North-Eastern states. This year both the festivals will be observed on 14 January 2021. People believe that the festival also marks the end of chilly winter days.


9. Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: 20 January 2021

Guru Gobind Singh was the tenth Guru of people belonging to the Sikhism community. He was born in Patna, the capital city of Bihar, a North-Eastern state in India. He is said to have played a key role in promoting Sikhism and fighting against the evils of the society. This year his birth anniversary will be observed on 20 January 2021.


10. Sakat Chauth: 31 January 2021

Sakat Chauth is another Hindu festival that will be observed in the month of January 2021. The festival is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, a prominent Hindu God. The festival is also known as Sankashthi Chaturthi and usually observed in the Krishan Paksha of Paush month. This year the festival will be observed on 31 January 2021.

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