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Gudi Padwa 2021: The Rituals And Story Behind Celebrating This Festival

Gudi Padwa is a Hindu festival observed mostly in Maharashtra. The festival marks the new year in a Marathi Calender and has huge significance. Every year Gudi Padwa is observed on the Shukla Pratipada tithi in the Hindu month of Chaitra. This year Gudi Padwa will be observed on 13 April 2021.

People are often seen observing Gudi Padwa as per the rituals and believe that one must follow the rituals properly. Apart from this, it is said that the festival has many mythological stories and therefore, we are here to tell one of those stories along with the rituals that need to be followed on this day. Read on.

Rituals Of Gudi Padwa

  • The rituals of Gudi Padwa begin with the sunrise and goes on till the night.
  • On this day, people should take a bath after applying oil all over their body.
  • Before taking a bath, one must clean his/her house and decorate the entrance with fresh flowers and mango leaves.
  • On this day, one should worship Lord Brahma and hoist Gudi.
  • For this, one should take a 4-5 feet tall bamboo stick, a new cloth, a kalash made up of copper or any other metal and garlands made up of flowers and leaves.
  • The cloth is tied to one of the ends of the stick and the garland and neem leaves are tied over the cloth.
  • After this, the kalash is placed inverted over the cloth.
  • Once done, apply tilak made up of sandalwood, turmeric and roli.
  • Make the symbol of swastika on the inverted kalash.
  • After this, the Gudi is placed nicely on the right side of the entrance door or the window.
  • Once placed, people should offer bhog and worship the Gudi.
  • Throughout the day, people should worship Lord Brahma and seek His blessings.
  • The next day family members should take a bath, wear clean clothes and perform puja of the Gudi.
  • After this, they should drink water from the inverted kalash.

Story Of Gudi Padwa

Though there are many mythological stories related to Gudi Padwa, the story of Lord Brahma is the most famous one. According to the Brahma Purana, it is believed that long ago when there was a deluge on earth, some bad incidents took place. Due to this, the time stopped and the universe was in grave danger. This is when the Gods and divine people reached Lord Brahma and pleaded Him to do something.

Lord Brahma thought for a while and then He started recreating life forms on the earth while keeping His Gudi i.e., flag right next to Him. He also thought of giving a new look to the earth and restoring time, peace and happiness on the earth. This is when He created human beings, animals, insects, plants etc. He restored time and brought significant changes on the earth. He also named the era as Satyug, the time when truth prevailed. It is believed that it was on Gudi Padwa when Lord Brahma created the universe once again.

People make Gudi on this day to pay tribute to Lord Brahma.

We hope you liked the story. We wish you a Happy Gudi Padwa.

Story first published: Saturday, April 10, 2021, 18:16 [IST]