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Four Temples In India That Will Help You To Land Your Dream Job

Working makes people feel good and gives a sense of hope and goals to acheive on a daily basis. It is liberating and helps you to build your skills and experience over the years. Being employed also lets you mingle with people, boosts your self-esteem, helps you live with a purpose and gives you an identity.

Contributing to society meaningfully is a rewarding experience. We all need that fat paycheck to keep us from drowning in debts and loans and the difficulties of making both ends meet. Job gives a deeper perspective into the life and its problems and extensive networking brings in unknown, but lucrative opportunities from unexplored corners. The constant intellectual challenge keeps your brain cells active and makes you less likely to fall prey to dementia.

Apart from all this, socially, the repercussions of not having a job weighs your morale down. For many of you, when academic qualifications, as well as sufficient experience, do not come in good stead, you find yourself on the brink of despair. Why not trust the almighty and take him into confidence here? Here are three temples in remote areas of Tamil Nadu that are reputed to have helped scores of people who have visited them either to land a job offer or to improve their career prospects.


1. Jambukeswarar Temple: Landing A Job, Getting A Job Transfer

If you insist that your next job offer should be the one from your dreams, take refuge in Akilandeshwari Sametha Jambukeshwarar whose temple is in Thiruvanaikkaval in Trichy. Regarded as one of the Panchabhootha Sthalams, it stands to symbolise ‘neer' or water. The lingam here is fondly called Appu Lingam. We can sense a stream of water flowing beneath the lingam as there are wet clothes spread on the lingam, to dry it all up.

Sthala Purana mentions that sage Jambu chose this place for penance. After several years, Lord Shiva gave him darshan and offered him a Blackberry as prasadam. Since, it is sinful to spit out Lords Prasadam in any way, he ate the blackberry including seeds. The seeds as they reached his stomach began to spout and grew slowly into a tree that came out through Jambu's head through the path of yoga. So, Rishi Jambu was able to liberate himself from the mortal circle of birth and death. Since, Lord had a hand in procuring moksha to the Rishi, the lingam came to be known as Jambukeshwarar. As per another legend, Goddess Parvati, was born as a human on earth once upon a time. She performed penance at Tiruvanaikoil in the Jambu forest. Lord Shiva was very pleased with her austerities, and gave her his darshan, and imparted knowledge to her. Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, were facing east and West during the knowledge exchange. Hence, this place is called Updadesha Sthalam.

Since, Goddess and Gods played the roles of a student and a teacher, one is restricted from conducting marriage ceremonies here. Also, this temple does not have sanctum sanctorum (innermost part of the temple where the idol of a deity is kept). During the ancient times, Goddess used to have a fierce demeanour and form and so Adi Shankaracharya presented to Goddess Akhilandeshwari a pair of, two earrings called Tatankam, which had the power of Srichakra. This reduced the ferocity in her appearance.

It is believed that the Goddess Parvati worships lord Shiva during noon. So at this time, priests dress up in a feminine way, wearing saree and crown and perform puja and abhishekam to Jambukeshwara and the Nandi, after which the priest returns to the shrine of Goddess. People seeking jobs or job shifts perform special pujas to Jambukeshwarar. Those who have doshas in their horoscopes, it is believed that with respect to procuring a job can also make use of this opportunity. Once the wish is realised, they are required to return to the temple to offer sarees or donations to the temple as thanksgiving.


2. Adi Kumbeswarar Temple: For A Better Job And Career Prospect

Mangalambika Sametha Adi Kumbeshwarar temple is situated in Kumbakonam, and it is one of the most celebrated temples extolled by the Shaivite saints. Sthala Purana, also mentions that during the pralaya or the final deluge, Lord Brahma asked Lord Vishnu's suggestion for protecting Amrit, or nectar. Lord Ishwar asked him to put it in a pot and set it afloat in the deluge. As the pot began to sail, Lord Shiva, took the guise of a hunter, and aimed an arrow at the pot, which broke instantly, spilling out its contents in various places. All the scattered bits turned into Shiva Lingams.

Lord Shiva created the final Shiva Lingam from the pot fragments and entered into it, which is why he came to be known as Adi Kumbeshwarar (Adi meaning ‘first and foremost', Kumba meaning ‘pot', and Eshwarar meaning ‘God' or ‘Shiva'). Also, the Shiva lingam is tilted towards the left at the top portion and hence it is referred to as Kumbhakonam. (Kumba - pot, Konam - tilted/bent). Goddess is known as Mangalambikai. This is one of the 64 shakti peetas, as well. It is here that Lord Shiva is known to have given half of his form to Goddess Parvati along with the power of 36 crores of Mantra that was recited by him. This added up to the power of Goddess Parvati and hence she came to called Mantra Peetheshwari. Devotees looking forward to better career prospects and job, visit this temple and get done the Abhishekam, Archana etc. Once their wish is fulfilled, they offer vastras or silk clothes in gratitude to Adi Kumbheshwarar and Mangalambika.


3. Parthasarathy Temple: For Growth In Career

Sri Parthasarathy temple or Meesai Perumal temple is the only temple where Lord Vishnu appears to have a mustache. It is one of those 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu that is located in Thiruvallikeni (Triplicane), Chennai.

As per the promise given to Arjuna, Lord Vishnu here is not seen holding any weapons. To protect Avatar of Lord Vishnu) received all the blows aimed at Arjuna on himself, from the Kaurava's side. The scars formed due to the arrows are visible even today. So, they use more ghee to prepare the Prasad as it is likely to heal wounds quickly. The Consort of Parthasarathy God is Vedavalli Thayar. It is believed that Sage Bhrigu performed austerities to Lord Vishnu, wishing for him to be his son-in-law. He saw a baby girl lying inside a Lily flower in the pond of the temple. Therefore, he carried her home, and called her Vedavalli. When she grew up to marriageable, he married her to Lord Vishnu. Goddess Vedavalli is enshrined separately.

This is the only temple which houses all five avatars of Lord Vishnu. Yoga Narasimhar, Rama, Ganjendravaradaraja, Ranganathar, and Lord Krishna. All of them have their own sanctums. Lord Krishna is also seen with Rukmini, Mahalakshmi, Balarama, Son Pradymna, and Grandson Aniruddha. Yoga Narasimha is known to confer education and wisdom. Devotees hoping for a better job prospect or growth in career, worship him here by performing a ritual called Thirumanjanam. They offer Sakkare Pongal to Yoga Narasimha as Prasad.

Devendran also known as Indra of the Devaloka was defeated by Mahabali Chakravarthi and lost his Kingdom, the Devaloka. He prayed to Lord Vishnu and the Lord had vanquished Mahabali and gave back the Job and position to Indra. Therefore, it is believed that those who perform this puja at this temple will even regain their lost job(s) and people who are unemployed, will be employed. Also, this is the only place where Garudalwar is in a udyoga (arising position) position. Praying to the four-armed Garuda here bestows devotees with higher administrative positions.


4. Thiruvelliangudi Temple: For Regaining Lost Job

Thiruvelliangudi is a village located 18 km on the Kumbakonam - Anakarai Road. The temple is believed to have been built by Maya as per the orders of Sukracharya, the guru of the demons. Nearly 1400 years old, built by Pallavas, this temple houses the deity Bhujanga Shayana who is found in a reclining position; this is one of the 108 Divyadesams of the Vaishnava tradition. As per Lord Vishnu's boon, the devotees, after visiting this temple can accure the punya of visiting all the 108 divya deshams or kshetras in India. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Vishnu who is also known as " Kolavilli Ramar " and his consort is known as " Maragathavalli Thayar".

Due to divine intereference, Sukracharya had lost an eye during the Vamana Avataram of Lord Vishnu. To get his vision back, Sukracharya visited the Thiruvelliangudi and submitted his prayers. Lord Vishnu here cures all eye ailments who perfrom shukra homam in this temple. Lord Indra, in another episode, lost his kingdom due to defeat in warfare with Mahabali for which he prayed to Lord Vishnu. King Mahabali, as a result, was vanquished from Devaloka and Devendra's position was restored. This temple is is known for helping devotees regain lost jobs, employment and achieving advancement in career.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Boldsky does not believe in or endorse any superstitions.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 15:14 [IST]
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