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Easter 2020: Know About Its History, Reason Why It Never Falls On Same Date And Significance

Easter 2020 is going to be celebrated on 12 April 2020. It is one of the most important festivals for those who belong to the Christian community. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ on the third day of his death. For Christians, Easter is one of the most important festivals. So let us now discuss in detail about this festival.

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According to the New Testament of the Bible, Lord Jesus Christ was arrested by Roman authorities and was taken to the crucifixion spot. The reason behind this was the fact that Jesus Christ referred to himself as the 'son of God'. This didn't seem to please the Roman Emperor Pontius Pilate.

Judas, one of the 12 disciples of Lord Jesus Christ betrayed him for silver coins and gave information about Jesus Christ to the Roman Authorities who were on their toes to arrest the Lord. As a result, Lord Jesus Christ was arrested and was crucified.

But according to a prophecy by Messiah, 'The one who will be persecuted, die for people's sins would rise on the third day'. So did Lord Jesus Christ.

Why It Never Falls On The Same Date

You may have noticed that Halloween, Christmas and many other festivals fall on a fixed date but this is not the case with Easter. You may be wondering why? The reason behind this is that during the fourth-century ruling, it was decided that Easter will be celebrated on the first Sunday appearing after the first full moon day of the spring season. Therefore, Easter can be observed between 22 March to 25 April every year. During these dates, whenever full moon occurs, the coming Sunday is observed as Easter Day.


• Easter is celebrated with great joy and harmony among the people. The prior Sunday is observed as the Palm Sunday which marks the arrival of Lord Jesus Christ in Jerusalem.

• Celebrations begin at various Churches in the night of Saturday itself along with a religious service which is known as Easter Vigil.

• People exchange Easter eggs which signify fertility. These are actually brightly coloured eggs with chocolates filled inside.

• People play many games to celebrate Easter in a happier and memorable way. They participate in egg decoration, egg rolling and many other similar games.

• They also bring many other gifts for their loved ones.

Story first published: Saturday, April 11, 2020, 13:40 [IST]