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Dhanu Sankranti 2020: Know About The Muhurta And Significance Of This Day

Dhanu Sankranti, also known as the Dhanu Sankraman is an important day for people belonging to the Hindu community. The day is believed to occur on the day when the Sun enters the Dhanu or Sagittarius sign.

This year the date falls on 15 December 2020. In order to observe the day, people usually perform puja on this day. Those who don't know much about this day and want to know what it is and how it is celebrated, they can scroll down the article to read more.

Date And Muhurta Of Dhanu Sankranti

The sunrise on 15 December 2020 will be at 07:04 am while the sunset will be at 05:39 pm. The Punya Kaal muhurta will begin at 12:22 pm on 15 December 2020 and will stay till 05:39 pm on the same date. Whereas the Maha Punya Kaal muhurta will begin at 03:54 pm on 15 December 2020 and will stay till 05:39 pm on the same date. The Sankranti will begin at 09:38 pm.

Significance Of Dhanu Sankranti

  • Dhanu Sankranti is basically the transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign into the Sagittarius sign.
  • During Dhanu Sankranti, people worship Lord Jagannath, one of the manifestations of Lord Krishan. Devotees begin the Dhanu Yatra on the sixth day of Pousha month (a Hindu month as per the Hindu calendar). The Yatra goes on till the Purnims tithi of the same month.
  • It is believed that donating alms, food, clothes, etc. during this phase can bring prosperity into one's life.
  • Devotees prepare various offerings for the Lord Jaggannath.
  • One should also involve herself/himself in the Sankramana Jaap and Puja.
  • The 'Bow Ceremony', depicted as a street play in the Bhagwat Puran is played in the streets of Odisha and people come to witness this epic play during the Dhanu Sankranti.
  • Lord Surya (Sun) is offered flowers and water every morning during this phase.
  • Tourists from all over the world visit during Dhanu Sankranti to witness the puja.
  • During Dhanu Sankranti, people decorate the temples and sing devotional songs to please the God and seek their blessings.
Story first published: Monday, December 14, 2020, 16:00 [IST]
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