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Dattatreya Jayanti 2020: Date, Muhurta, Rituals And Significance Of The Day

Lord Dattatreya is considered to be one of the significant Gods in Hinduism and His birth anniversary is considered to be quite important for people belonging to this religion. Every year His birth anniversary is observed with utmost dedication and devotion. This year, Datta Jayanti will be observed on 29 December 2020. Today we are going to tell you more about this day along with Lord Dattatreya. Scroll down the article to read more.

Who Is Lord Dattatreya

As we know that the Holy Trinity also known as Trimurti comprises Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, people have great faith in the same. It is believed that the Holy Trinity incarnated as Lord Dattatreya. He was a learned sage who attained enlightenment on His own. That means He had no Guru who helped Him in gaining the enlightenment. However, in some Hindu scriptures Lord Dattatreya is described as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

It is important to know that the devotees of Lord Vishnu worship Lord Dattatreya as the former's incarnation while some people worship Lord Dattatreya as the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Date And Muhurta Of Dattatreya Jayanti

Every year Dattatreya Jayanti is observed on the full moon night in the month of Margashirsha. It is said that Lord Dattatreya was born during the Pradosh Kaal on Purnima tithi in the month of Margashirsha. This year the date falls on 29 December 2020. The Purnima tithi will begin at 07:54 am on 29 December 2020 and will stay till 08:57 pm on the same date. During this time, people can observe His birth anniversary and seek blessings from Him.


  • On this day, devotees should wake up early and bathe after completing their daily routine.
  • They should wear new or clean clothes after bathing.
  • After this, people should clean a place either in their puja room or in their house to perform the puja of Lord Dattatreya.
  • Place an idol or image of Lord Dattatreya on a Chowki or a wooden platform. Make sure you place these on the area that you cleaned for performing the puja.
  • Offer flowers, roli, turmeric, fruits, a piece of yellow or orange cloth along with sweets.
  • Chant the mantras and recite the stotra path.
  • While worshipping Lord Dattatreya, you must worship Lord Vishnu as well.
  • In case, you are observing a fast on this day, make sure you do it with full austerity and abstinence.
  • Seek His blessings and distribute the prasad among the children, elderly people and those who are in need of help.


  • Devotees believe that Lord Dattatreya removes all problems and sufferings from the lives of people who worship Him.
  • People in different parts of the country worship Lord Dattatreya in different ways.
  • Followers of Lord Shiva and Vishnu worship Lord Dattatreya in the form of their incarnations.
  • The birth anniversary of Lord Dattatreya is observed throughout India and among Hindus abroad.