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Auspicious Wedding Dates With Muhurat Timings In June 2022

June is the sixth month according to the Gregorian calendar. Shubh Muhurta is observed before any auspicious work in Hinduism. This month marks the onset of spring and it brings new hopes, aspirations, and joy. Due to planetary transits, some zodiac signs will face troubles, while others will have a lot of opportunities on their way. If you are planning to get married in June 2022, then definitely know about the auspicious date before that.

Marriages are considered a divine union and therefore it has a deep meaning in everyone's lives. It means sharing one's life with another by staying in a holy bond be it good or bad moments. People who plan to get married can, therefore, check the necessary spiritual things so that the union stays harmonious and is filled with love and joy always. Therefore, one needs to pick the auspicious date and time before planning a wedding. We have curated a list just for you so that you can fix your marriage dates without any hustle.

In Hinduism, auspicious time or Shubh muhurat holds immense significance as it refers to the placement of celestial bodies which prove beneficial to an individual and can fetch results that are desirable and promising. Therefore, before beginning any auspicious work, checking shubh muhurat becomes important and is one of the sought after things.

The program of marriage is considered like a Yagya in which auspicious yoga is awaited for every work. Only a few days in June and July are said to be auspicious for marriage, after which Chaturmas will take place. No auspicious work is done on Chaturmas. Let us see which dates will be auspicious for marriage in June 2022.

Auspicious Time For Marriage In June 2022

June 6, 2022, Monday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 06:55 am to 02:26 am, Jun 07
Nakshatra: Magha
Date: Saptami

June 8, 2022, Wednesday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 05:23 am to 03:27 am, June 09
Nakshatra: Uttaraphalguni
Date: Ashtami, Navami

June 11, 2022, Saturday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 08:47 pm to 02:05 am, June 12
Nakshatra: Swati
Date: Dwadashi

June 12, 2022, Sunday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 11:58 pm to 05:23 am, June 13
Nakshatra: Anuradha
Date: Chaturdashi

June 13, 2022, Monday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 05:23 am to 09:02 pm
Nakshatra: Anuradha
Date: Chaturdashi

June 14, 2022, Tuesday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 11:47 pm to 05:23 am, June 15
Constellation: Origin
Date: Pratipada

June 15, 2022, Wednesday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 05:23 am to 03:33 pm
Constellation: Origin
Date: Pratipada, Dwitiya

June 16, 2022, Thursday
Auspicious Marriage Muhurta: 12:37 pm to 07:55 pm
Nakshatra: Uttarashada
Date: Tritiya

June 21, 2022, Tuesday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 05:24 am to 05:24 am, June 22
Nakshatra: Uttar Bhadrapada
Date: Ashtami, Navami

June 22, 2022, Wednesday
Shubh Vivah Muhurta: 05:24 am to 11:57 pm
Nakshatra: Revathi
Date: Navami, Dashami

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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