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Sawan 2020: Why Women Should Prefer Green Colour During This Month

Women wear green bangles in Sawan; Why | क्यों पहनी जाती है सावन में हरी चूड़ियां | Boldsky

Shravana month is considered a very auspicious month to connect oneself with nature. In North India, it starts from today, 6 July, and it is called as Sawan Month. In South India, it starts from 21 July and it is called as Shravana Masa in Karnataka, Shravana Masam in Telugu.

While we offer water to Lord Shiva, we are already showing that connection with nature in one form. Green is the colour of nature. Along with this, it is also associated with good luck. Wearing green brings auspiciousness and good luck besides showing gratitude to nature. Green is highly preferred for bangles by women. Many others wear this for sarees and dresses as well.

Green Colour Associated With Marriage

Green colour in Hinduism is also associated with marriage. Just like red, green is also believed to bring good luck and happiness in one's married life. Thus, women wear green-coloured bangles as well as green clothes in order to seek blessings for their married life and long life for their husband from Lord Shiva.

Green Colour To Show Gratitude To Nature And For Good Luck

We worship nature in various forms as has been mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. Tulsi, peepal and banana plants are all examples of plants considered sacred in Hinduism. We offer prayers to water, sun, etc. as a part of our gratitude to nature, whom we see as divine energy. It is believed that the one who wears these colours is blessed by nature.

Green Colour For Career

Mercury is related to the career and occupation of an individual. Budh Dev is the lord of the planet. Green is dear to Budh Deva. Thus, one gets good luck in their career by wearing green colour.

Lord Shiva was a yogi and loved meditating amidst the beauty of nature. Wearing clothes of green colour is one of the various ways that Lord Shiva can be pleased. Not just this, it pleases Lord Vishnu as well.

Thus, women should prefer green colour during the Shravan month, not just for one but various reasons. They start making preparations in advance and worship the deity with utmost dedication. The Shravana month this year is going to begin on July 28 for the northern region of India and on August 12 for the southern regions.

The dates vary because of the difference in the calendars that are followed in these regions. However, the festivals fall on the same dates. The difference can be seen in the name of the month for the festivals in both the regions.

Shravana And Nature Worship

The story of the Shravana month goes back to the times when Goddess Lakshmi had left the abode of Lord Vishnu as she was disappointed with him. As a remedy, the gods and the demons were churning the milk of the Kshir Sagar, the ocean of milk, from which the goddess was to appear.

But before the goddess emerged a pot of poison, which was believed to be powerful enough to destroy all those present there. Lord Shiva drank the whole pot of poison which turned the colour of his throat blue. This incident got him the name Neelkanth, translating to "the one with a blue throat".

It is believed that the water of river Ganga was given to him when the poison showed its effects on his body though everybody knew that Lord Shiva's body was immune to that poison. This is one of the reasons why Ganga is said to be the river of nectar.

List of Festivals in Shravan Month

It is another reason why nature worship is given that high a priority in Hinduism. Moreover, it is the month of Shravan when the incident took place, the month is primarily dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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