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Understanding What Zakat Is & How It Helps Everyone Celebrate Eid


Understanding What Zakat Is & How It Helps Everyone Celebrate Eid

The month of Ramzan is almost over, with the sighting of the Moon on 15th of June. Prevailing the confusions about the dates, let us mention that this is not the first time that India is celebrating the day on more than one day. This happens because, as the Islamic calender says, the next day starts with the sighting of the moon. Since Moon is sighted at different times in different days, Eid is also observed on different days.

Importance Of Eid

It marks the beginning of Shawwal, the next month and the end of Ramzan month. Fasting is something which is considered highly important in all the religions. In Islam, fasting is performed to realize the importance of all that Allah has given as natural resources to us.

Moreover, it is believed that the month-long fast purifies the body as well as the mind. The observance of the month in devotion to God helps purify the soul as well. This is a month when people must learn the importance of food for those who are deprived of it because of the lack of resources.

Reducing eating for one month helps save it for the poor and reduce the wastage of it by the well-off ones.

Importance Of Zakat In Islam

Quran mentions that it is not righteousness alone which makes one dear to God, but the good deeds of charity and help for the fellow men that serves this purpose. Zakat is believed to be one of the five pillars of Islam.

There are various benefits that are accrued by performing the Zakat. It helps achieve a place in the heart of Allah. It also brings in good luck and purifies the heart and character of the donor. Above all, it helps remove poverty from the society.

Moreover, nothing can please Allah more than love among his men. Helping the needy is just another way of spreading love. Bringing smiles on the faces of his men, is a service of humanity, which is placed at a high position in all the religions.

Importance Of Zakat For The Society

Having realized the importance of it, there can be no better way to pay back as Zakat. Zakat, which is the other name for donation in Islam, is what actually makes the fasts a success. Wonder how good the ancestors were who planned it this way.

The tradition of Zakat is something which highlights the belief that all are equal before God, whether rich or poor. Giving out a portion of wealth to the poor and needy will help them observe the festival too.

It is not only Islam which mentions the importance of giving donations. In every religion, there is a belief of doing good work through charity, more so after observing fasts or going on a pilgrimage. Zakat in a way helps the poor and needy to also celebrate the festival in the same essence and lighten up their lives. So, make sure this festive season, you bring a smile on to a person's face. Happy Eid!

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Story first published: Saturday, June 16, 2018, 6:00 [IST]
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