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Tips To Invite Good Luck This Holi

Holi is one of the most important festivals of India. Though mainly a festival celebrated by the Hindu population, the people of other faiths join in on the fun too. Holi is perhaps among the most popular celebrations in India, second only to Diwali. If Diwali is the festival of lights, Holi is better known as the festival of colours.

The festivities can induce excitement and frenzy into even the soberest of characters. Each region has a different way of celebrating Holi, that is, with songs, dance, applying colours on each other and general merriment, which is the common theme of the celebration throughout the country. This year Holi will be celebrated on 20 March 2019.

The Stories That Revolve Around Holi

Holi is usually celebrated as a two-day festival. The first day is called Choti Holi or Jalanewali Holi. On this day, a pyre is built and burnt as a symbolic gesture to remember the occasion of the burning of Holika, the Demon King Hiranyakashyapu's sister.

This occasion is also known as Kaama Dahan in the southern regions of India. This name is given to the day of Choti Holi due to its connections with the mythological story, where Lord Kama was burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva. It is on the second day that Holi is celebrated with colours and is known as Rangwali Holi. It is less commonly known as Dhulandi, Dhulendi, Dhulheti or Dhuleti.

Significance Of Celebrating Holi & How To Invite Good Luck This Holi

Other than the immense religious and social significance, Holi is also a day to please the Gods and invite good luck and fortune into your lives. Today, we shall look at the ways in which you can ensure that this Holi brings you a shower of wealth, peace, happiness and prosperity. Read on to know more.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Holi


Worshipping Lord Krishna And His Sakhi Radha

There are a lot of stories and legends associated with the festival of Holi. The one about Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, which is just as colourful as the festival itself. The story tells us that one day, Lord Krishna was sitting sad because he was dark in colour, whereas Radha was very fair. Mother Yashoda then told Lord Krishna that he can use colours and apply on his face and on that of Radha. This way, the skin colour of either of them wouldn't matter. Lord Krishna did as his mother told him and thus, introduced the festival of Holi as they both played with the colours.

Today, it is considered to bring good fortune if the members of the family apply colours on the images of Radha and Lord Krishna before they apply colours on each other and head out to play Holi. A pooja is also offered to the couple to receive their blessings.Today, it is considered to bring good fortune if the members of the family apply colours on the images of Radha and Lord Krishna before they apply colours on each other and head out to play Holi. A pooja is also offered to the couple to receive their blessings.


Write Your Name On The Entrance Of Your House

It is said that it is a good omen to write your name in bold letters on the entrance of your home. You may do so with colours, stickers, little rice lights or flowers. Doing this helps in bringing prosperity and positive vibes into the home. It also strengthens the ownership you have over your property.


Worshipping Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the God of good and auspicious beginnings. It is considered good to worship him before you start the merriment of Holi. Offer Lord Ganesha thandai, sweets and fruits that you have prepared for yourself and your friends before you consume them. A good way to start the celebrations of Holi is to place a photo or statue of Lord Ganesha as soon as you enter the house.

Perform pooja there and ask for the lord's blessings. Place a table in front of the worship area. Use it to place the tray with thandai. This way, your friends can come and pray to Lord Ganesha before helping themselves to the tasty drink.


Use Pink Colour

Using pink colour for the house decor during Holi is considered auspicious. This colour is thought to raise the fallen spirits and it soothes an aching soul. This colour helps to keep the brain and body healthy.


Do Not Keep Shoes In The Door Way

Keeping shoes in the doorway is believed to chase good luck from entering your house, according to the Vaastu wisdom. As Holi comes, you will have a huge crowd visiting you and they will all leave their shoes at the door way. To combat this problem, get a big shoe rack and place it near the entrance. This way, the guests can use it.


Installing A Pool

It is common knowledge that making a pool in the front of the house would lead you to enjoy the party much more. This Holi, you can try to install a small fountain or a pond in your backyard.


Worship The Moon

It is said that if you worship the moon during the night of Holi, you will be rewarded with wealth and prosperity. You will also attract a lot of positive energy.


You Can Perform Calming Rituals For Planetary Ill Effects

On the night of Holi, take a plate and place a clean white cloth on it. Place a handful of the following: moong dal, white rice, masoor dal, Bengal gram, black gram, wheat and til. Now, you must place a navagraha yantra on the top of it. Apply tilak to the yantra using a little saffron. Place a ghee lamp and light it. Chant the following mantra for 51 times to ensure that the ill effects of the planetary positions are resolved.

"Brahma Murari Tripurantkari Bhanu Shashi Bhoomi-Suto Bhudadhwa Gurudhwa Shukra Shani Rahu Ketavh Sarve Graha Shanti Kara Bhavantu"

Rituals And Traditions Of Holi


Worship Of Goddess Lakshmi

On the night of Holi, worshipping Goddess Maha Lakshmi is considered to be extremely beneficial. You may chant the following mantra 108 or 1008 times using a rosary made from lotus seeds.

"Om Shreem Maha Lakshmayee Namah"


To Resolve Problems In Marriage

If you are facing difficulty in getting married or have a troubled relationship with your spouse, you must try this tip on Holi. You will need a betel leaf, one whole areca nut, one whole piece of turmeric root.

Take this to the nearest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tie the areca nut and the turmeric root in a piece of clean cloth. Place this on the betel leaf.

Offer this to the Shiva linga at the Shiva temple. After that, you may return home but take care that you must not turn around to look at the temple while returning. Do this same thing on the day after Holi too for the best results.

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