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The Benefits And Ways Of Worshipping Surya Dev

By Ishi

Sun is the ultimate power, the ultimate source of energy and the ultimate reason for life on earth. In Hinduism, Sun is personified as Surya Dev. Worship Surya Dev on a Sunday and he will grant all your wishes. Worship him every day and he will fill your life with wealth, success and prosperity. Here are some of the benefits and ways of worshipping Surya Dev. Take a look.

Benefits Of Worshipping Surya Dev

The worshipper gets rid of all kinds of fears. Surya Dev blesses his devotees with good health as well. All the enemies are defeated on worshiping Surya Dev. One gains wealth and never faces scarcity of food in life. Surya Dev is also worshiped for earning respect in society. Surya Dev removes all kinds of problems from life, helping his devotees achieve success.

One also gains mental peace and knowledge which again, helps him achieve success. No thoughts related to anger, cheating, greed, etc., can occupy the mind of the person who prays to Surya Dev every day. You can also worship Surya Dev if frequent arguments or fights keep taking place in your house.

Offering Water To Surya Dev

For all these benefits, the most important thing is to offer water to Surya Dev, both after sunrise as well as before sunset. There are some points that need to be kept in mind while offering him water. Take a look.

The vessel through which you are offering water to the deity must be made of copper. Copper has certain qualities because of which it is used for holy rituals. The vibrations that emanate from the metal radiate positive energy making the environment satvik. Moreover, copper is one of the items dearest to Surya Dev.

Make sure that you hold the vessel in both the hands while offering water to the deity. Holding it with one hand is inauspicious and disappoints the God.

Vermilion is very dear to Surya Dev. Offering him vermilion is something that must never be forgotten. Other sacred items dear to Surya Deva are jaggery, rice and flowers. Therefore, never offer him water alone. You must add vermilion, rice and jaggery in it. Jasmine and Kaner flowers can also be offered.

Also make sure that while offering water, the water must not be falling on to your feet.

Sometimes Sun is not visible, due to foggy weather, especially during winters. In such cases, you can still offer water towards the East, at the time when the Sun usually rises.

Other Ways Of Worshipping Surya Dev

Chanting mantras has been given immense importance in Hinduism. It has been prescribed in our holy scriptures. The sound produced by the chants and the movements of the lips while chanting the mantras, creates vibrations that makes a person feel the presence of divinity in the surroundings. You can chant Surya Dev mantras while offering water to him. Gayatri Mantra is also prescribed for this purpose.

The one who observes a Sunday fast has to abstain from taking salt in any form. Avoid eating non-vegetarian food on a Sunday. One must avoid sex as well, especially if observing a fast.

You can visit a Navgrah temple and offer red sandalwood paste, vermilion, red flowers, rice and jaggery to him.

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Narrating Aditya Hridaya Path also pleases Surya Dev. It must be read on a Sunday. Reciting Netropanishad is also prescribed for worshiping Surya Dev.

Sun In The Birth Chart

As told above the position of Surya in the birth chart also affects the overall life of a person. If Sun is positioned at favorable places, the person is blessed with success and respect in the society. However, an unfavourable position of Sun might keep the person deprived from certain important things.

To resolve this, one must worship Surya Dev. Worshiping him on the day of marriage will benefit them a lot. Offering muleti, saffron, cardamom and red flowers are especially recommended to those suffering from unfavourable position of Surya Dev in the birth chart.

Donations To Please Surya Dev

Making donations is another way of pleasing Surya Dev. Donating yellow or red clothes, jaggery, wheat, pearl and red sandalwood are considered very auspicious.