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Shravan 2020: Sawan Somvaar Vrat Vidhi

Sawan Somwaar Puja Vidhi: ऐसे करें सावन के सोमवार पर भगवान शिव की पूजा, होगी मुराद पूरी | Boldsky

Shiva is the destroyer of the evil, the transformer, the Supreme being who has immense power, yet the one who is the easiest to please. Lord Shiva can be pleased with minimal offerings, more so in the month of Shravana. In North India, it starts from today and it is called as Sawan Month. In South India, it starts from 21 July and it is called as Shravana Masa in Karnataka, Shravana Masam in Telugu.

Shravana is the fourth month in the Hindu calendar, most popular because of the number of festivals which are celebrated during the month. Among these festivals, the most popular one is Sawan Somvaar.

Sawan Somvaar, originally a fasting day, is one of the most awaited festivals among the Hindus. Somvaar (Monday) is the Indian name for Monday. All the four Mondays of the month of Shravana are observed as fasting days. Though the whole month is dedicated to Lord Shiva only, these Mondays are more significant. Here, we have brought to you the puja vidhi for Sawan Somvaar.

Sawan Somvaar Puja Samagri

A Shivalinga, tray, any five fruits, pushpamala (a garland of flowers), paan patta (betel leaves), belpatra (bilva leaves), Datura, some flowers, cotton wicks, earthen lamp as diya, vermilion, some grains of rice for adding in vermilion as tilak to Shivalinga, a bowl, honey, gangajal, sugar, cow's milk, curd, cow ghee for lighting the lamp, moli (the sacred red thread), and a shringaar box which should be offered to Goddess Parvati while worshipping Lord Shiva.

Sawan Somvaar Puja Vidhi

1. Take the Shivalinga and place it in a tray. Since we will be offering abhishekam to Lord Shiva in it, make sure the tray or plate is such that the water does not overflow.
2. Now place the Shivalinga in it. Give a water bath to the Shivalinga. You can add flower petals and gangajal in it.
3. Prepare the panchamrit. Take a teaspoonful curd in a bowl, add two teaspoons of milk in it. Add a teaspoon of sugar, along with half a spoon of honey and one spoon of gangajal. Stir it well and the panchamrit is ready.
4. Give a panchamrit bath to Shivalinga, chanting the mantra- Om Namoh Shivaay.
5. Thereafter give a gangajal bath.
6. When all these baths are done, place the five fruits in the tray offering them to Shivalinga.
7. Now offer the paan patta, then the belpatra, and thereafter offer Datura to Shivalinga and place them inside the tray.
8. After that you can offer supari and clove, then the pushpamala and thereafter the flowers to Lord Shiva.
9. Next is the moli (the sacred red thread). The length of the thread is such that you should be able to whirl it five times around all the four fingers taken together, as explained in the video. Offer this to the Shivalinga.
10. Do not forget to keep the shringaar box in the tray as an offering to Goddess Parvati.
11. Now take another plate and place a diya (earthen lamp) in it. Take some vermilion in the plate, and add a few drops of water to it, and some grains of rice.
12. Light the diya using ghee and offer the tilak to Shivalinga, with rice grains. Now perform the arti, concluding the puja.

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Sawan Somvaar Vrat Benefits

Sawan Somvaar vrat is generally observed by women, majorly by the girls, to get their desired husband. Married women perform the fast for the well-being of the family and the long life of their husbands. Many men too perform this fast for professional success along with the well-being of the family.

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