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Guru Purnima 2021: Guru Purnima Gifts For Your Teachers As Per Zodiac


Guru Purnima, a day to pay gratitude to one's Guru. This year it will be observed on 24 July. The Purnima Tithi begins at 10:43 AM on Jul 23, 2021, and Purnima Tithi ends at 08:06 AM on Jul 24, 2021.

Celebrated not only as the birth anniversary of the author of the Mahabharata, Guru Vedvyas, but also as the day when Lord Shiva had disclosed the seven basic forms of Yoga to the Saptarishis (his disciples), and as the day when Lord Buddha had served his first sermon. In fact, it was also the day when Lord Mahavira, the twenty-fourth Tirthankara, had made Gautam Swami his first disciple.

Thus, it is revered as a day for offering prayers to the great Gurus, not just in Hinduism, but also in Buddhism as well as Jainism. While the idols of such highly respected and revered Gurus are worshipped on this day, there is also a provision to give gifts to one's teachers.

Here we have brought to you a list of gifts you can give to your teachers based on your zodiac so that you can attain professional success in the year ahead. Take a look.

Guru Purnima Gifts For Your Teachers As Per Zodiac:


Aries is associated with the planet Mars. You should gift a red coral to your teacher if you are an Aries. Grains or items made of grains can also be given if it's a spiritual Guru.


Taurus is associated with the planet Venus. Even Guru Purnima is being celebrated on a Friday, the day of Venus. The best gift you can give to your teacher on this Guru Purnima would be an item made of silver. It can be a silver coin, a silver ring or even a showpiece item made of silver.


Mercury is the planet for this zodiac. Giving a shawl as a gift to your teacher will bring you all his blessings this Guru Purnima. Buy a good shawl and gift it to your teacher to get good luck throughout the year.


The planet associated with this zodiac being the Moon, and it will be beneficial if you gift items made of grain to your teacher. Giving sweets is a good option you can consider. Especially the items made of rice should be preferred.


The planet associated with this zodiac is Sun. Therefore, the people with this zodiac sign should give an item made with panch dhatu to their Guru, to get instant blessings. Panch dhatu is the Sanskrit name for the alloy made using the five metals: brass, copper, zinc, iron and aluminium.


The planet associated with this zodiac is Mercury. The individuals with this zodiac should gift a diamond to their Gurus. If this is not possible, then gifting any diamond-shaped item too, can prove highly fruitful.


For this zodiac, the ruling planet is Venus. Those who belong to this zodiac should gift a blanket to their teacher or spiritual Guru.


This zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars, though sometimes Pluto is also said to be its ruling planet. A ruby gemstone will be the most perfect gift you can give to your teacher in order to get his blessings from this Guru Purnima.


The ruling planet for this zodiac is Jupiter. Gifting gold items will get blessings of your Guru. Brihaspati is the Lord of this planet and he is considered as the Guru of the gods. Thus gold being a yellow coloured item will please Lord Brihaspati as well.

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Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. People with this zodiac also should gift yellow coloured items to their teacher on this Guru Purnima.


Uranus being the ruling planet for this zodiac sign, individuals of this zodiac should give white coloured items as gift to their teachers. It can include white clothes such as a shirt, or even white coloured shoes.


This zodiac is associated with the planet Neptune. Those with Pisces as their zodiac can gift sweet dishes made with gram flour to their teachers.

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Besides gifting these to your teachers, making donations to the poor and the needy will get you the blessings of Lord Shiva as well.