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Grah Shanti Through Shiva Puja In Shravana Month

सावन ग्रह शांति: ग्रह शांति के लिए सावन में इस तरह करें शिव पूजा | Sawan | Boldsky

Shiva is worshipped in various ways in the month of Shravana; devotees observe fasts, visit temples and go on pilgrimages to please Lord Shiva. As Lord Vishnu sleeps during this month, Lord Shiva takes up the responsibility of looking after all the three worlds, Prithvi (the Earth), Aakash (the sky), and Patal (the netherworld). Shravana is known as Marshottam Masa as well, which translates to the best month. In fact, it is said that offering prayers to Shiva can remove Grah doshas as well. But let us first tell you what is Grah Dosha and what is its importance.

What Is Grah Dosha?

Grah is the Indian name for planets and dosha is the Sanskrit word for defects. So, Grah Dosha refers to a situation when there is an unfavourable occurrence in the birth chart. It occurs when the Grahas or the planets are not placed favourably. Astrology says an unfavourable placement of the stars and planets leads to various problems in the life of an individual. As a remedy, costly pujas known as Dosha Nivaran Pujas are performed by priests.

Shiva Puja Can Remove Grah Dosha

But that is not the only solution available for it. It is said that such doshas can be removed by worshipping Shiva as well. Depending on the kind of doshas, we have brought you some easy remedies to remove them.

Dosha Related To Sun

When the dosha is related to Sun, then one should offer red flowers and leaves to Shiva after offering Panchuphaar puja. Red colour is dear to the Surya Dev as well.

Dosha Related To Moon

When the dosha is related to Moon, or as they say, it is Chandra badha, then you should offer a cow's milk to Shiva. Chandra Dev, the lord of Moon, is believed to be a peace lover. The milk of a cow can be used to remove the dosha occurring due to its unfavourable placement. Moreover, offering Monday fasts can also help.

Dosha Related To Mars

When the problems coming in life are due to Mars, we should offer Giloy juice to Lord Shiva during abhishekam. Abhishekam refers to offering water to Shivalinga.

Dosha Related To Mercury

To remove the dosha occurring due to the planet Mercury, we should offer the juice of Vidhara plant (elephant creeper) during abhishekam.

Dosha Related To Jupiter

For the benefits related to Jupiter, we should offer milk with turmeric mixed in it, during Shiva abhishekam. Jupiter is ruled by Brihaspati Dev and yellow colour, as well as turmeric, are considered for offering to him. Hence, for removing problems related to Jupiter, we can offer these to Lord Shiva.

Dosha Related To Venus

If you want to remove the negative effects occurring due to a wrongly placed Venus, then you should offer panchamrit and ghee. Panchamrit refers to a solution prepared by mixing honey, milk, curd, Gangajal and jaggery altogether. Panchamrit translates to five nectars.

Dosha Related To Saturn

When the problems occurring in the life are due to the wrong placement of Saturn in the birth chart, then they should perform abhishekam using sugar cane juice and buttermilk to Lord Shiva.

Dosha Related To Rahu-Ketu

When the dosha is related to Rahu Ketu, then one can offer abhishekam using water with extracts of Kush plant mixed in it.

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