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Akshay Tritiya Also Known As Parashurama Jayanti

By Renu

The various stories of Lord Vishnu taking birth on the earth to save it from sin is not a new fact. And he will keep on doing this whenever he finds a need, is what the Hindus believe in.

Lord Parashuram was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is worshiped by the Vaishnavites. He was born on the third day of the Shukla Paksh in the month of Vaishakh. This day is now celebrated as Parashuram Jayanti. This year, it falls on 18th April.

Lord Parashuram was the fifth child of Rishi Jamdagni and his wife Renuka. Rishi Jamdagni is believed to be one of the Saptarishis, the group of seven stars. His original name was Ram, but he was called Parashuram after getting the 'Divya Shastra-Parshu' from Lord Shiva.

Originally a Brahmin by caste, he had keen interest in warfare. Seeing this, his ancestor, Chyavana Bhrigu, advised him to worship Shiva. Lord Parashuram worshiped Shiva for a long period. Lord Shiva, appeased by his worship, gave him a Divya Astra. This Astra was Parsha/Parshu.

Aim Of Lord Parshuraam's Life

Parashuram was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, therefore it is obvious that there must have been an aim of his life. A story goes that once the kingdom of Mahishmati was ruled by Hayaivanshi ruler named Kartveerya Arjun, who is also known as Sahastrabahu.

He was a tyrant ruler. When the tyranny by the kshatriyas had increased, Goddess Prithvi approached Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu promised her that he himself would come and destroy these demonic kshatriya kings.

It was then that Lord Vishnu took birth as the son of Maharishi Jamdagni and Devi Renuka. This son was named Parashuram. Parashuram not only killed the cruel king Sahastrabahu but also destroyed the complete rule of those tyrant kshatriya rulers.

Parashuram had become so aggressive, and saved the earth from such demonic kings twenty one times. He filled the lakes of Samantpanchak Kshetra with their blood, this is what people believe in to this day.

Seeing this Rishi Richeek appeared before him and then Parashuram handed over the earth to Rishi Richik.

Parashuram Jayanti Celebrations

Lord Parashuram was a saviour for the poor, innocent and the weak.

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Every year, on the day of Parashuram Jayanti, many people observe fast and celebrate the day. Hawan, puja, etc., are organized on this day. 'Bhandara' to give food to the devotees and the poor is also arranged by some. Parashuram is also known by the names, Rama Jamdagnya, Rama Bhargava and Veer Rama. It is believed that Lord Vishnu will once again take birth in the Kaliyug, this time with the name - Kalki.

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