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Why Chicken Is Not Eaten During Bakrid?

By Shabana

Bakrid is around the corner; and you may be coaxing your Muslim friends for a treat of some yummy mutton Biryani, isn't it?

Bakrid is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is a celebrated in the memory of Prophet Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his own son on the command of Allah.

As the prophet was readying his son for the sacrifice, his son was replaced by a goat at the last moment. Hence, the tradition to sacrifice a goat started.

Men and women dress up in new clothes and greet each other. Special Namaz is done and people pray for the well-being and prosperity of their family members.

Rules That Must Be Followed During Bakrid

There are a certain rules to be followed by Muslims for the sacrifice. After the chosen animal is sacrificed, the entire meat is divided into three equal portions.

One portion is for the family, one portion is to be divided among the friends and family. The last portion is to be distributed among the poor and needy. These rules are laid out by the command of Allah.

After the sacrifice, various delicacies of mutton are made at home, which are relished by the friends and family together.

It is important to understand the importance of animal sacrifice during this day. It was on Allah's commands that animals be sacrificed on this day.

However, it ought to be done humanely. The animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah. It is done to gain the Almighty's piety. The majority of the meat is distributed and only a small portion of it is retained by the family. It is done to please Allah and seek his favour.

The word Qurbani means to give up the worldly pleasures for Allah. It means that we are willing to sacrifice even our dearest thing if Allah commands. This is what Prophet Abraham did.

Why Chicken Is Not Sacrificed Instead Of A Goat

Animals such as goats, sheep, camel and other cattle can be sacrificed. It is wrong to sacrifice birds such as a chicken or ostrich.

Since performing Sacrifice is an obligation, all the Muslim households perform it. Therefore, there is plenty of mutton stock in every house. Other meats such as chicken take a back seat during Bakrid simply because it is considered as a sin to have this meat during Bakrid.

The animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah, so the meat thus obtained should not be wasted. This is one of the reasons why chicken is not preferred. Also, as chicken cannot be sacrificed during Bakrid, its demand decreases.

So this Bakrid, enjoy a delicious array of delectable mutton dishes. Enjoy it while it lasts. You have the rest of the year for chicken anyway.

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Story first published: Friday, September 1, 2017, 16:24 [IST]
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