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Vedic New Year - A Time To Create New Destiny

By Super Admin


Year of Success

Vedic Technology to Destroy Negative Karma and Invite Success in all Aspects of Life

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"The Sun Moves Into Aries to start the Tamil New Year and there is so much transformational energy available during this transit. You can empower the Sun within you. This is the time when you can alter time, succeed in your business as well as personal life and affect a change in your destiny. There will also be some 'strange' combinations of planetary positions making this a rare opportunity for transformation and miracles."~ Dr. Pillai, Founder of AstroVed


Vedic Time To Create A New Destiny

Vedic New Year (when the Sun moves into Aries) is a time when the celestial alignment favours new beginnings, as well as harnesses the auspicious power of the Sun to fill your entire year with wealth, health and relationship blessings.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is most powerful when in Aries, the sign of exaltation. This 30-day period is the time for you to get rid of your bad karma that has been holding you back, and it is the time for you to establish your goals, align yourself with the Sun to strengthen your personal life force and enable transformation. You can bring important changes in your life with the powerful renewal energy of the Sun.


Special Ceremonies To Destroy Karma And Create A Year Of Success

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On this most important day of new beginnings, you must first participate in rituals to remove old, negative karma and problems before you can create a new destiny.

1. Powerful Karma-cleansing and Negativity-removing Rituals

Coconut Smashing At The Temple:Clearing your karma by smashing a coconut to Lord Ganesha can remove all your obstacles and clear your path for a successful year.

Spiritual Cleansing:Holy dip of your birth chart in the seven holy rivers of India is renowned for washing away the past karma and in cleansing your soul.

Archana To Lord Shiva At Two Temples:Destroy the bad money karma at this special temple for debt removal and improve your financial status.

Light Lamps As Per Your Age:Dr. Pillai, founder of AstroVed, recommended this service to remove the negative influences of the past years and to invoke the blessings of divine beings for the coming Vedic year. We'll light lamps as per your age on your behalf at a specially selected temple.

Group Tarpanam At Specialized Temple:Performing Tarpanam at this most auspicious temple on the Vedic New Year day helps to elevate the souls of your ancestors and brings you their blessings to start anew with abundant health, wealth and loving relationship.

Food For Vedic School Boys:You can attract positive blessings, peace of mind from this program, which will free you from problems and provide success in all walks of life.

Vedi Valipaadu (Bursting Of 3 Crackers Per Person):This is a traditional practice that is being followed in Kerala to offer prayers for wish fulfillment, to bust evil energy, thereby impacting you. It also helps to get rid of negativities in the form of evil eye this Vedic New Year.

Product:Energized Triple Protection Mala

After participating in special rituals to cleanse karma and remove negativity, you can enjoy a comprehensive set of rituals to fill your upcoming year with success and abundance of all kinds.

2. Powerful Rituals For Success And Well-being

Special Pooja To Arupadai Murugan:The special Archana at a holy shrine, which hosts the six forms of Lord Murugan representing his six power houses, can invoke his blessings to break barriers that are hindering your success with the Martian energy throughout the year.

Copper Vel Energized In Pooja:Keep this energized Copper Vel with you to invoke the protective shield of Lord Murugan.

8-Priest Grand Trimurti Homa:Invoking the divine Trinity, Lord Brahma (Creator), Lord Vishnu (Preserver & Sustainer) and Lord Shiva (Destroyer) in the holy fire helps you to get rid of the negative karma-posing obstacles, retain the positive energy to progress in life and to welcome overall wealth, health, prosperity and relationship blessings into your life.

2-Hour Yajur Veda Paaraayanam:This auspicious chanting service, including the important Suktams and Mantras from the Krishna Yajur Vedas, can bestow spiritual and material blessings (wealth, health and well-being of all kinds).

On this most important day of beginnings, i.e., the Vedic New Year, start a new life of wealth, health and relationships in this new year of Success

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