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Krishna Janmashtami 2019: Rituals And Ingredients Used On This Special Day

By Subodini Menon

In 2019, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on the 24th August. Every year, the birth anniversary of Lord Sri Krishna is celebrated on the Ashtami or the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Bhadrapada. It is believed that Janmashtami of 2019 will mark the 5246th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna-

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The timings for the Pooja are as follows-

The pooja will start from 8:00 am on August 23 and will last for the next 24 hours. Nishita Puja time will begin from 0:01 am to 0:46 am on August 24. Parana time is after 05:59 am on August 24.

Parana Time

The Parana will be conducted on the 15th of August, 2017, after 17.39. The Ashtami Tithi ends at 17.39 as well.

Vaishnava Krishnashtami

Vaishnava Krishnashtami will be celebrated on the 15th of August, 2017. The Parana falls on the next day at 6.19. Ashtami gets over on the Parana day before sunrise.

Pooja Samagri Required For Krishna Janmashtami

  • An image of Lord Sri Krishna. It can be a statue or a picture.
  • An image of Lord Ganesha
  • Camphor
  • Incense sticks
  • Saffron
  • Sandalwood paste
  • Kumkum
  • Turmeric
  • Jewellery
  • A small flute
  • Areca nut
  • Betel leaves
  • Garland made of flowers
  • Garland made of tulsi leaves and flowers
  • Lotus
  • Other flowers
  • Sweets
  • Unbroken coconut
  • Fruits
  • Naivedya - kheer, butter, mishri, dry fruits, milk, etc
  • Lamp
  • A bell
  • Vessels and plates for the prasad as required

Pooja Vidhi

There are many ways to reach the Lord. People visit temples dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna does not require anything but devotion from his devotees. Some consider the reading of Bhagavat Gita and Srimad Bagavat as a means of coming closer to the Lord.

But poojas are universally considered as a way to create a physical, mental and spiritual connection to the Lord. Some perform elaborate poojas, while others go for a simple pooja at home.

Here, we are going to describe the procedure to perform a simple Pooja that can be done at anybody's home, which anybody can perform. So let's learn how to perform a simple pooja for Janmashtami.

  • Choose a calm place where you will not be disturbed. Pooja rooms are great; but if you do not have a pooja room, you may choose a quiet area in your home.
  • Clean the house or at least the area in which you will be performing the pooja.
  • Place the images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Decorate the images with garlands and flowers. If you are using a statue of Lord Sri Krishna, you may decorate it with a flute and some jewellery.
  • Apply dots of Kumkum and sandalwood paste on the foreheads of the deities.
  • Set all the naivedyas, fruits and the flowers for the pooja before the images of the deities.
  • Also place the lamp, incense sticks and the bell.
  • Light the lamp using oil or ghee.
  • Now, meditate for a few moments to clear your mind.
  • First, pray to Lord Ganesha. Chant any shlokas you may know. If you do not, just ask Lord Ganesha's blessings and ask him to help you complete the pooja successfully.
  • Now, pray to Lord Sri Krishna. You may choose to chant shlokas and mantras if you know any. But if you do not, then just tell the Lord your wishes and ask for his blessings in your own language.
  • Now, offer the flowers and naivedya to the Lord.
  • Offer the smoke from the incense sticks.
  • Ring the bell to spread positivity in your home. Then, break the coconut and offer it to the Lord.
  • With this the pooja is thought to be complete. Ask the deities and the other participants to forgive you if you have committed any mistake in the same or in your life.
  • At the end, you may read any holy books like Bhagvatam, Srimad Bhagvata, Geeta Govinda or Narayaneeyam.

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