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Diwali 2019: Different Ways To Attract Goddess Lakshmi On This Auspicious Day

By Shabana

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi pooja is done on the day of Diwali to invoke the Goddess's blessings for the entire family.

It is said that Goddess Lakshmi was born on the day of Diwali; hence, her pooja should be done on the night of Amavasya. She is said to bless her devotees with an abundance of health, wealth and remove all the obstacles from their lives.

She is the symbol of purity and wisdom. People who worship her are said to attain contentment in both spiritual and materialistic forms.

Different Ways To Attract Goddess Lakshmi This Diwali

Goddess Lakshmi is said to visit the houses of her devotees who perform Lakshmi pooja during Diwali; and hence, it is an important ritual during Diwali. But it is even more important to follow certain rules during the pooja, which help attract Goddess Lakshmi into your homes. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 27 October, Sunday.

- Goddess Lakshmi is said to be attracted to cleanliness and it is important to clean your homes to attract the Goddess.

- Goddess Lakshmi abhors loud noises, thereby firecrackers should strictly be avoided during the pooja.

- The Goddess is known to reside in the house which is full of righteous people.

Every human desire an abundance of materialistic things. This can be achieved by attracting Goddess Lakshmi into our houses. But she is known to not stay in one place for a long time.

However, there are certain things and rituals which will help you attract Goddess Lakshmi in your house and make her stay there. This will ensure a continuous flow of wealth and prosperity.


Keeping A Statue Of Lord Kuber:

It is said that keeping an idol of Lord Kuber or a Kuber yantra will please Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Kuber is known to be the protector of money and his idol should be kept in a clean place.


Keeping Sea shells And Coweries:

Sea shells and coweries come from the sea where Goddess Lakshmi has emerged from. These are also said to bring in positive wealth vibrations to a place.



Donations of rice and clothes to the pundits are another good way to attract Goddess Lakshmi into your homes.


Worship A Tulsi Plant:

Light a diya near the tulsi plant in your verandah. Doing this will surely invite Goddess Lakshmi into your home.


Pooja Of Shivaling:

On the morning of Diwali, a shivaling which is kept in a copper urn should be offered water and saffron. This is said to greatly attract wealth.


Making A Swasthika Symbol:

Make a swasthika symbol and write "shubh" "labh" on either side of your entrance. This is said to make it easier for the Goddess to spot your home.


Place Lights And Diyas

Make sure to keep your place brightly lit and clean, as this will attract the goddess.


Respect Elders And Take Their Blessings:

Always respecting elders and touching their feet before doing any new task will immensely please Goddess Lakshmi and it is said to give you success in your endeavour and remove any other obstacles.