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Hanuman Jayanti 2020: 5 Interesting Facts Related To Ramayana


Ramayana was authored by the sage Valmiki. We all know the whole story of this great epic, but none of us know about some shocking facts about Ramayana. In fact, Ramayana is a classic. Each and every page of this classic explains the importance of 'dharma' (the sense of duty, the true nature). This text is enlightening; reading it in all stages of life is still considered relevant.

Even in these modern times, the lessons taught by Ramayana are invaluable. This priceless possession of our culture has been retold many times and every time it has been retold, its magic mesmerises us even more. That is the beauty of classics and that is why ancient texts are to be respected and looked up to. Lord Rama is an icon of sincerity, truth and integrity. We can learn the right values from this sacred text. In fact, the character of Lord Rama is a true example of an ideal gentleman.

Here are some Interesting facts about Ramayana:

The sincerity of Lakshmana
During the period of exile, which lasted for 14 years, Lakshmana, the sincere brother of Lord Rama, never slept! This is one of the most shocking facts about Ramayana. He was awake every night to safeguard Lord Rama. His sincerity was of the highest order!

Ravana's desire for liberation
Ravana knew that one day he would die in the hands of Lord Rama but still he was ready to die like that as dying in the hands of god's incarnation would give him moksha (liberation). This is one of the unknown facts about Ramayana. None of us knew that Ravana was targeting liberation and that was why he was even ready to die in the hands of a divine energy called Lord Rama.

Educational background of Ravana
Ravana was a hard core devotee of Lord Shiva. He was a scholar and and was a master of arts. This is one of the true facts about Ramayana. Most of us always perceived Ravana as a person who is blinded by his desire. Of course, his desire was responsible for his downfall, but still he was a highly educated person before he dug his own grave by rubbing the wrong side of the gods. In fact, this text teaches us that desire is the root cause of misery and all evil in the world.

The engineering skills of that era
The bridge that was constructed on an ocean was finished in 5 days! This is one of the interesting facts about Ramayana. The construction technology and the engineering skills of the army that built that bridge must be appreciated. The project management skills and the planning strategies deserve an applause.

The age of Dasaratha
King Dasaratha gave birth to Lord Rama when he was 60 years old! This is one of the shocking facts about Ramayana because we all visualised Dasaratha as a man in his 30s.

If we take a deeper look, this classic offers many more surprising facts. More than that, the lessons it teaches are more valuable. In fact Ramayana and Mahabharata can be considered as the greatest personality development tools in today's world.