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Hajj Sermon of Grand Mufti Of Saudi Arabia

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, delivered the Hajj sermon in Nmira Mosque at Mount Arafat, on account of the Hajj pilgrimage.

According to Geo News, The Grand Mufti said that Islam was a practical religion and not theoretical. It is a practicable deen (code of conduct).

Justice and equity form the basis of Islam, where terrorism, extremism or injustice is not admitted.

The Grand Mufti Hajj sermon also had that sending divine revelations and raising the Prophets, was meant for the message of Allah's oneness and the succession of guidance for human beings, was in progress.

The Grand Mufti in his Hajj sermon also said that Allah sent the last and final Prophet(peace be upon him) with the complete code of conduct (Shariah), which, is in complete harmony with human nature, owing to the fact that it caters to all natural and material needs. He also added that the human inner being (nafs) drives man to do evil.

The Grand Mufti also said that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) exposed a comprehensive concept of ibadat.

He also reminded the fact that Allah has endowed man with reason and consciousness in order to differentiate between good and bad.

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