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Mahashivratri 2022: Ashtottara Shatanamavali Or 108 Names of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva or Bholenath is considered to be the God of Gods (Mahadev). He holds the highest position among all the Gods. Mahadev is known to be equally fierce and kind. It is believed that by offering holy water on the Shivlinga with a sincere and pure heart and devotion, one gets the special grace of Lord Shiva.

Remembering Mahadev with reverence also gives solutions to many problems of life. By the grace of Lord Shiva, every kind of wish is fulfilled. Mahashivratri will be celebrated on 01 March in 2022 and therefore, to get the blessings of Lord Shiva, chant his 108 names or Ashtottara Shatanamavali and know their meaning as well.

Ashtottara Shatanamavali Or 108 Names of Lord Shiva

1. Shiva: Kalyan Swaroop
2. Maheshwar: Superior of Maya
3. Shambhu: One who is in the form of Ananda
4. Pinaki: One who holds the Pinaka bow
5. Shashishekhar: The one who wears the moon
6. Vamadeva: Very beautiful form
7. Virupaksha: Bizarre or three-eyed
8. Kapardi: Those who wear hair
9. Neellohit: Blue and red coloured
10. Shankar: The one who does the welfare of all
11. Shoolpani: Those who hold trident in hand
12. Khatwangi: One who keeps a pail of cot
13. Vishnuvallabh: Beloved of Lord Vishnu
14. Shipivishta: Those who enter Situha
15. Ambikanath: Husband of Goddess Bhagwati
16. Shrikanth: Those with a beautiful gorge
17. Bhaktavatsal: One who is very affectionate to the devotees
18. Bhava: The one who appears in the form of the world
19. Sharva: Destroyer of sufferings
20. Trilokesh: Lord of the three worlds
21. Shitikanth: White gutted
22. Shivapriya: Beloved of Parvati
23. Ugra: Very fierce form
24. Kapali: The one who wears the cranium
25. Kamari: Enemy of Cupid, the one who defeats darkness
26. Sursudan: The one who kills the dark demon
27. Gangadhar: One who wears Ganga in his hair.
28. Lalataksha: With eyes on the forehead
29. Mahakal: Kaal of the Blacks
30. Kripanidhi: The Mine of Compassion
31. Bhima: Fierce or Rudra
32. Parashuhasta: The one who holds the ax in his hand.
33. Mrigpani: Those who hold deer in hand
34. Jatadhar : The one who keeps the hair
35. Kailashvasi : Those who reside on Kailash
36. Kavachi: Those who wear armor
37. Rigid : Very strong body
38. Tripurantaka: Destroyer of Tripurasur
39. Taurus: Those with the flag of bull-sign
40. Vrishabharudha : One who rides on bull
41. Bhasmodhulit Vigraha: Those who apply incense
42. Sampriya: One who loves music
43. Swaramayi: One who resides in the seven vowels
44. Trimurti: Those who worship in the form of Vedas
45. Aneeswarar: One who is himself the master of all
46. ​​Omniscient: Knowing everything
47. Paramatma: Supreme of all souls
48. Somasuryagnilochan: Eyes of Moon, Sun and Fire
49. Havi: Those who have the kind of offerings
50. Yagyamay: Those with form of Yagya
51. Soma: The one with the form of Uma
52. Panchavaktra: Five-faced
53. Sadashiv: One who is in the form of eternal welfare
54. Vishweshwar: God of the world
55. Virbhadra: Brave and calm nature
56. Ganatha: Lord of Ganas
57. Prajapati: One who nurtures the subjects
58. Hiranyareta: The one with the golden brilliance
59. Durdhursha: Those who do not lose to anyone
60. Girish: Lord of the mountains
61. Girishwar: One who lives on Mount Kailash
62. Anagha: Sinless or virtuous soul
63. Bhujangbhushan: One who wears ornaments of snakes and serpents
64. Bharga: Destroyer of sins
65. Giridhanva: The one who made the bow of Mount Meru
66. Giripriya: One who loves the mountain
67. Krittivasa : Wearers of gajcharam
68. Purarati: Destroyer of all
69. Bhagavan: The Almighty is endowed with opulence
70. Pramathadhipa: The ruler of the first ganas
71. Mrityunjay: The conqueror of death
72. Subtle Tanu: Those with subtle body
73. Jagadvipai: Those who are pervading in the world
74. Jagadguru: Guru of the world
75. Byomkesh: The one with the hair of the sky
76. Mahasenjanak : Father of Kartikeya
77. Charuvikram : One with beautiful might
78. Rudra: The fierce form
79. Bhootpati: Lord of ghosts and Panchabhutas
80. Anthus:
81. Ahirbudhnya: Kundalini- the bearer
82. Digambara: Naked, dressed in the form of sky
83. Ashtamurti: Eight forms
84. Anekatma: Having many souls
85. Sattvik: Those with Sattva qualities
86. Shuddha Vigraha: Divine idol
87. Eternal: everlasting
88. Khandaparshu: One who wears a broken ax
89. Aja: Birthless
90. Pashvimochan: One who delivers from bondage
91. Mrid: The one who is happy
92. Pashupati: Lord of animals
93. Dev: Self in the form of light
94. Mahadev: God of gods
95. Expenditure: Those who do not decrease even after spending
96. Hari: Vishnu analogous
97.Pushadantbhit: One who removes the teeth of Pusha
98. Avyagra: Those who are not distressed
99. Dakshadhvarahara: The destroyer of the sacrifice of Daksha
100. Hara: The destroyer of sins
101. Bhaganetrabhid: The one who breaks the eyes of the deity
102. Avyakt: Not manifested to the senses
103. Sahasraksha : One with infinite eyes
104. Sahasrapada : One with infinite legs
105. Apvargapradah: One who gives salvation
106. Anant: Deshkala devoid of object-like passage
107. Taarak: Tarak
108. Parameshwara: First God

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky doesn't confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

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