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Here's Why Lord Hanuman Is Worshipped By Offering Sindoor

Lord Hanuman, the divine Vanara companion of Lord Rama is considered to be one of the significant Gods in Hinduism. He is believed to be the prime disciple and devotee of Lord Rama. Anyone who has read Ramayana, the Hindu epic knows that Lord Hanuman is one of the main characters. He is the one who found Goddess Sita kept under the captivity of Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

Lord Hanuman is usually depicted as a God having monkey-like face, tail and sindoor smeared body. He is often shown as the God having red or deep orange coloured body. This is due to the sindoor smeared on the idol of Lord Hanuman. In fact, people often offer sindoor to Lord Hanuman while praying to Him. If you have always wondered why sindoor is offered to Lord Hanuman, then we are here to tell you about the same scroll down the article to read more.

According to mythological stories, once Lord Hanuman thought of visiting Goddess Sita and seek Her blessings. When Lord Hanuman went to meet Goddess Sita, She was getting ready. He saw Goddess Sita applying sindoor in the parting between Her hairline. Upon seeing this, Lord Hanuman became curious. He thought of asking behind the reason for applying sindoor.
When Goddess Sita turned towards Lord Hanuman, the latter greeted Her politely.

He then asked, "O divine Mother, what is this red thing that you have applied in the parting of your hairline."

To this, Goddess Sita replied, "Son, this is sindoor. It is pious and has a huge significance."

Hearing the answer, Lord Hanuman further asked, "why do you apply sindoor?"
"I apply sindoor to ensure the long and healthy life of my husband Lord Rama. When I apply sindoor, Lord Rama becomes happy."

Lord Hanuman then went straight to His place, only to come back with His body entirely smeared of sindoor. Surprised and awestruck, Goddess Sita asked Hanuman the reason behind applying sindoor on His whole body. Lord Hanuman innocently replied, "I did this to make my Lord (Rama) happy. You said applying sindoor will ensure His long and healthy life. So I have applied sindoor."

When Lord Rama heard of this incident, He came running to see Lord Hanuman. Pleased by the devotion and innocence of Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama blessed Him.
Lord Rama said that whosoever worships Hanuman by offering sindoor, he/she will be blessed with a long and healthy life. The wishes of that person will fulfilled.

Hence, from that day onwards, devotees offer sindoor to Lord Hanuman.

Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2021, 13:52 [IST]