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Shravan Month 2021: Here Are Some Do’s And Don’ts To Keep In Mind

In a Hindu year, the Shravan month is considered important. The month is dedicated to Lord Shiva as He is quite fond of this month. The month usually falls during July and August. The month begins right after the Ashada Purnima. This year the month begins from 25 July 2021. Since the month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, people believe worshipping the deity during this month can bless a person in many ways.

Therefore, during the entire Shravan month, people wake up early, bathe, wear clothes, worship Lord Shiva and observe a fast. People also visit the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva regularly. People believe that worshipping Lord Shiva with full dedication and utmost devotion can help one in getting his/her wishes fulfilled. Devotees of Lord Shiva usually worship Him for success, prosperity, blissful marital life, peace and a long healthy life.

While the holy shravan month is just a few days ahead, we are here with a list of do's and don'ts that you should keep in your mind during this month.


  • One should offer Bael Leaves to Lord Shiva. As per the HIndu scriptures and mythological stories, Lord Shiva is extremely fond of Bael leaves and offering the same during the Shravan month can help you gain His blessings.
  • Those who are willing to observe fast during the Shravan month, should observe the fasts on all the Mondays falling in this month. In case, they are unable to observe fasts on all the Mondays of Shravan month, they can observe fast on either one or two of them.
  • If one is capable of observing a fast during the Shravan month, then he/she should definitely do the same. Observing a fast during this month is considered highly auspicious.
  • While you have observed the fast, please ensure that you drink lots of water. You can consume fruits and curd as well.
  • One must visit Lord Shiva's temple regularly.
  • Observing the fasts alone is no enough. In order to make the fast effective, one must chant the Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra as well.
  • Chanting of Om Namah Shivay is also necessary, especially if you are observing a fast.
  • Offer milk, ghee, yogurt, chandan, gangajal and bhaang to Lord Shiva during the Shravan month.
  • If possible, you can wear rudraksh mala. Rudraksh is considered to be the tears of Lord Shiva and wearing it can be fruitful for you.
  • While you are observing the fasts, make sure you read the Vrat Katha of Shravan Somwar on every Mondays of this month.
  • While reading the Katha, keep all negativities, evil thoughts, lust, anger and greed at bay.


  • One must avoid eating non-vegetarian food during this month.
  • One must not drinl alcohol during this month, especially if that perosn is worshipping Lord Shiva and observing fasts.
  • It is believed that one must avoid shaving during this month.
  • One must not break his/her fast in between. That means you can consume fruits, milk and curd at only one time.
  • Eating of ginger, garlic and onions should be prohibited during this month.
  • As per Puranas and mythological stories, people should avoid consuming eggplants and brinjals during the Shravan month.
  • People shouldn't harm any living being during this month.
Story first published: Monday, July 12, 2021, 14:11 [IST]
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