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Maha Shivratri 2021: Some Rules That You Need To Follow When Observing A Fast

Maha Shivratri is considered to be one of the most important festivals observed by Hindus across the world. The festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Every year the festival is observed on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Phalgun.

This year the date falls on 11 March 2021. On this day, people will be worshipping Lord Shiva and observing a fast. While one observes a fast, a person needs to follow some rules to ensure he/she worships in the right manner. In order to know what those rules are that people need to follow, scroll down to read more.

1. On this day, devotees of Lord Shiva need to wake up early and take a bath.
2. After taking a bath, they need to wear clean and/or new clothes. one should spare some time for praying.
3. If you are observing the vrat (fast) on Maha Shivratri, you need to take a vow for observing the vrat with full abstinence, austerity, purity and dedication.
4. One must invoke Lord Shiva and request the deity to accept humble offerings and prayers.
5. One should visit a Shiva temple on this day and participate in group prayers as it spreads divine vibrations.
6. Offering raw and cold milk along with Gangaajal mixed water is one of the must perform rituals on this day. You can also offer Bilva leaves, chandan, Datura and fruits to Lord Shiva.
7. If observing a fast on this day, one must not consume rice, wheat, pulses or any other grain. However, you can consume milk and fruits. In addition to this, you can have sabudana khichdi or kheer.
8. If you are not observing a 24 hour fast, you can consume food during the night after offering prayers to Lord Shiva in the evening. While you are consuming the food make sure you avoid onions, garlic, non-veg, alcohol or any other food that isn't considered pious.
9. Practice celibacy while you are observing the fast. The vrat is meant for focusing your mind in the worship of Lord Shiva and governing your mind and body while practicing self-restraint and control.
10. In the evening, one needs to take a bath before performing the puja.
11. Those who observe the fast should take a bath before performing the puja.
12. Devotees need to stay awake throughout the night. Since the festival is known as the great night of Lord Shiva, devotees should try their best to stay awake throughout the night and offer prayers to the deity.
13. When one keeps a fast, his/her senses stay in control. Therefore, when you observe a fast, you should try not to bring evil thoughts in your mind. Stay positive and focus your strength and energy in worshipping the deity.