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Shani Dev Jayanti 2020: Some Powerful Remedies To Get Rid Of Shani Dosha

Lord Shani (Saturn), the God of Justice is known for rewarding and punishing people according to their deeds. According to Hindu Mythology, He is the son of Lord Surya and Goddess Chaya. Every year on the Amavasya (new moon day) of Jyeshtha month is observed as the birth anniversary of Lord Shani. This year the date falls on 22 May 2020. It is believed that those who perform wrong deeds and do evil to others are punished by Lord Saturn. They go through obstacles, troubles and hard times. However, in addition to this, people may also suffer the wrath of Shani Dev. This is known as Shani Dosh and therefore, devotees try their best to please Lord Shani.

On this Shani Jayanti, we are here with some tips that will help you in getting rid of the Shani Dosh and making your life peaceful. To know more, read the following article.

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1. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman once saved Lord Shani from Ravan, the mighty demon King. Since then, Lord Shani had immense faith and devotion towards Lord Hanuman. Those who are suffering from Shani Dosh can recite Hanuman Chalisa, especially on Saturdays to please Lord Shani. Moreover, Lord Hanuman is considered to be the one who removes troubles and sufferings from one's life. Therefore, reciting Hanuman Chalisa can help you in many ways.

2. Doing Shri Bajrang Bang Path

This is considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the negative effects of Shani Dosha in one's life. Bajrang Bang Path consists of the prayers dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is believed that those who recite the Bajrang Bang Path receive blessings from Lord Hanuman. He removes troubles, obstacles, negativity, hardships and sufferings from one's life. Lord Shani too blesses the person who does this Path.

3. Reciting Sunderkand Path

Sunderkand Path is all about the legends of Lord Hanuman and Rama. It is more like the heart of Valmiki's Ramayana. It is believed to be highly effective and auspicious. People consider reciting Sunderkand Path will remove suffering and problems from their lives. The Path consists of the adventures of Lord Hanuman, especially when he leaves for Lanka, in search of Goddess Sita. Reading this Path will help you in reducing the negative effects of Lord Shani and pleasing him.

4. Donating Black Objects

Lord Shani bestows his blessings on those who donate black grains, cloth and mustard seeds to poor and Brahmins. One can donate black sesame seeds, urad dal and jaggery to those who are underprivileged and can't help themselves. You can also donate black cows to Brahmins and poor people. This will definitely reduce the effects of Shani Dosha. But one must donate these things with a pure mind and without any selfish thoughts.

5. Helping Poor People

Helping poor people selflessly will help you in pleasing Lord Shani. He blesses those who are genuine and kind. He bestows his positivity to people who are always ready to help others and work for bringing happiness around them. Therefore, if you are willing to please Lord Shani, then you need to have compassion and selfless love for others.

6. Offering Oil To Lord Shani

Lord Shani is fond of oil. Therefore, you must have seen people offering oil to Lord Shani, especially on Saturdays. This is another remedy that can save you from the wrath of Lord Shani. You can also light a Diya under a Peepal tree to please Lord Shani.

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We hope that these remedies will help you in getting rid of your Shani Dosha.

Story first published: Friday, May 22, 2020, 11:25 [IST]